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Movies That Made You Angry

80s Forum: Movies That Made You Angry
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    Post Movies That Made You Angry

    This Was The Nicest Word I Could Think Of

    Mine was Last American Virgin. That guy did
    everything for that girl, (Even Sold His Stereo) and she still hurt him in the end.
    If you want to see how a boys love for a girl, gets his heart caved in by the very same girl he loves, Rent Last American Virgin.


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    YOU aren't in on the joke!


    That movie is such a classic! When the guys all get the crabs, and are trying to get something for it at the drug store! I about pee myself every time I see that! Plus you gotta love teh guy who was delivering the pizza and met one really appreciative customer! WHat a great flick, but, you are correct, that girl needed to be murdered, or at least beaten.


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    It's a toss up. Either "Blair Witch" (the first one) or "Summer of Sam".

    "Blair Witch" for making me waste my time and money on a worthless piece of amatuer filmmaking, and subjecting me to watch the most annoying screen presence I've ever had the misfortune of viewing! I couldn't WAIT for that girl to get killed!

    "Summer of Sam" for other reasons. Having grown up in the same area that "Son of Sam" David Berkowitz committed his crimes, and having known a couple of his victims, it was annoying to see this film made without Spike Lee EVER consulting any of the victims' families. He also had the audacity to go and re-enact some of the scenes in the same areas that they originally happened, opening some old wounds that were finally starting to heal for these poor people. Not very classy.

    Anyway....just my 2 cents!


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    Wow- Spike Lee and "Classy" in the very same sentence, thats probably a first!
    Heh- movies that made me angry and that i walked out on:

    Forget the name, but its a stupid name. I went to go see it hoping to view some sci-fi. It involved some sort of implants that let you live in a fantasy world (Virtual-something or other i guess the name was). Anyway in the first hour of the movie i saw no "fantasy world" and there was all this implication- like the implant connection on the spine, of homoeroticsm. I dont think anyone enjoy this movie- i wish i could have the creators tried for crimes against humanity.

    The other movie is the "Haunting". Totally useless, i just got up and left when the thirty second or so "psychic trauma" occured.

    Godzilla- just horrible. It was like Jurassic park without the creativity and color. Matthew Broderic should have sent everyone who bought a ticket 100 dollars in reparations.

    200 Cigarettes- depressing, sadistic, mean and insulting. A lie. If you like or love the 80s skip this one.

    Prince of Egypt- homoeroticism once again! And this is non-stop. Im sorry but im not gay and i dont think we need to be developing the lifestyle in 6 year olds lol. AND its just a terrible movie- totally pointless and "extreme". Extremely stupid. And i can be creative when im insulting! But "extremely stupid" is accurate.


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    I'm not gay and I didn't particularly enjoy Prince of Egypt, but I know a lot of kids who did. One really has to be homophobic - or 'searching' for homoeroticism to see a connection. I would appreciate if RR kept his judgemental opinions to himself. This is after all a place that is open for everybody. And I hope we can agree on that for the future.


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