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This week's Vince Neil being drunk story

80s Forum: This week's Vince Neil being drunk story
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    This week's Vince Neil being drunk story

    From Metal Sludge.com:


    I just returned from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where Vince Neil played a free show at The Joint, the live venue inside of the casino. This place is small and intimate, holding only 1,400 people. The show was for the benefit of the Skylar Neil Memorial Fund. Tomorrow, there will be a sports and rock memorabilia auction for the charity hosted by Vince and Jenna Jameson, as well as a celebrity golf tournament, also being held tomorrow.

    As I said, I just returned from the show. I really, really did not want to write this type of email. After reading the recent emails concerning his show at the Key Club in LA, I really hoped that Vince would not repeat that performance tonight.

    A few things first: I was as close as you could get. I was right in between Vince at center stage and his guitar player at stage left. The only thing between me and Vince was the metal baricade and about 2 feet of space.

    A few days ago, Vince gave a local news channel, Fox 5 Las Vegas, a tour of his new house here in Vegas. He gave the tour to Robin Leach, also a Vegas resident who occassionally does stories for Fox 5. Vince's house was nice, but not all all what you would expect from a "rock star", which isn't a bad thing. It's just that when you think of a rock starts home, you usually picture...well, we've all seen cribs. Vince's house is a two story with a decent size back yard with a fire pit and a pool. He has 11 gold and platnium records on the wall as you go up the stairs, and the rest of his
    gold/platnium awards in a modest game room containing a pool table and juke box. He has a small office in a den/spare room where he has a desk and computer and four mannekins dressed with racing uniforms and helmets. Robin Leach asked about these and Vince explained that one uniform was the one he wore when he raced cars, and the other three were given to him by other
    well-known drivers such as Al Uncer, Jr.

    Vince has a couple small dogs, a fireplace in the family room and an average sized big-screen TV. The garage and driveway held a red Ferrari, a black Mercedes sedan, a burgandy Rolls Royce, and a black Chevy Suburban. They showed his girlfriend, who lives with him, and (big surprise) she's blond with big hooters.

    Overall, I'd say the house was probably in the range of $300,000-$450,000 depending on what part of town it's in, which they didn't disclose. They did show the street, though, and there are houses right next to his, so he doesn't have a massive amount of land and is not secluded. Vince looked scruffy and old during the interview and was dressed in ripped jeans and a yellow sleeveless shirt, untucked.

    Now, the concert. When Vince stepped on stage, I thought to myself "he looks much better". He didn't lose any weight, but it looked like he just had his hair trimmed, maybe colored, washed and styled, parted on the side rather than the usual middle. Although he had a goatee, it was neatly
    trimmed and had no other facial hair.

    Within the first 30 seconds, I knew he was drunk. No, he was beyond drunk. I don't know how he was able to stand except to say that he must be a functioning alcoholic, but not functioning THAT well.

    Vince was slurring his words so bad that you could barely understand him. He hardly sang a complete lyric. He had trouble even getting the microphone up to his mouth, similar to when a cop tells you to touch your finger to your nose for a sobriety test and you end up touching your eye instead.

    Vince stumbled a lot and his stage moves were not smooth at all. As close as I was, I could see that his eyes were so droopy, he could barely keep them open. He often tried to drag his live-in girlfriend, two dancers, and another bimbo blond from where they were standing on the side of the stage to on stage with him. Many times, when they balked at coming out on stage, he looked like he was cussing them out and giving them the finger...during songs that he's supposed to be singing!!

    His drummer, who along with his guitar player attended the Metal Shop show a t the Suncoast Casino the previous night, played the keyboard part for Home Sweet Home. Vince missed his cue to start singing, told the band to start over, sang waaaay off-key, and didn't sing the complete song. At the end, when the keyboard part repeats and ends the song, Vince turned to the drummer and said "Don't bother playing that part, just end it". The drummer finished playing it anyway.

    Vince's band was tight. I'm a musician and from a musician's perspective, they were very good. However, they were covering for Vince bigtime!! They played a 20 minute version of Teaser because Vince kept walking off stage during this and other songs. They turned regular three and a half-minute songs into ten minute jams, trying to cover for Vince. For several songs, Vince strapped on a guitar and as a guitar player of 23+ years, I can tell you that Vince was NOT playing properly. He wasn't even hitting cords that would go with what his guitar player was playing. Since I could see what Vince was doing, but couldn't hear it at all, my guess is Vince's stage tech did not turn his guitar on. I'm sure this was done intentionally, Speaking of techs, his stage crew did all they could to keep the show together. Vince would drop his microphone, knock over the mic stand, knock over the beer bottle he was drinking from. At one point, he took of the guitar he was playing and swung it around, lost his balance a few times, then hit one of the cymbals a few times with the guitar. He then leaned it up against the bass drum in such a way that it would have fallen off of the drum riser had a stage hand not grabbed the guitar.

    And yes, the ultimate happened; Vince did indeed fall off of the stage, right in front of me, crashing into the baricade. He had to be helped up and then had four guys lift him up and put him back on the stage.

    I could go on, but I think this gives a pretty good picture of what the night was like. Now, my feeling is, this was not funny. I know it is in your nature and indeed the purpose for your site, to make fun of things like this. However, Vince is in need of some serious, serious help. Think about it-is this the way to honor your daughter's memory? Remember, this show was for the benefit of the Skylar Neil Memorial Fund. And let's not mention that little incident in the mid-80's that cost someone their life and permanently affected two other people's lives because of drinking. With this in mind, along with the fact that this guy is in his mid-40's, I don't see this as typical rock star party behavior. Vince has some sort of pain, some emotionally scarring that he's self-medicating with alcohol and whatever else. And the sad thing is, no one around him seems to care enough to try to help him. I'd venture to guess that everyone he surrounds himself with kisses his ass. They wouldn't dream of stopping him, arguing with him, pointing out that his performances are suffering. He's surrounded by "yes" people. Someone needs to intervene and quick!! Honestly, I have met enough celebrities that I'm so over that "deer caught in the headlights" reaction a lot of people have when meeting a celebrity. If I knew where Vince lived, I would knock on his door and try to tell him what he needs to hear. Then, when Aerosmith and Kiss come into town this weekend, I'd get Steven Tyler and Paul Stanley involved and get them to intervene on Vince. He's got to get help soon, and he won't do it by himself!! Vince cleaned up during the Feelgood era, and he was at the top of his game then.

    Please excuse any spelling errors...I'm not gonna bother spell-checking because it's late and my ears are RINGING!!!

    Edit this email as you see fit, but please post it...maybe someone will step in.

    Mark Katzen
    "A wise and frugal Government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government" - Thomas Jefferson.

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    Sounds a tad bit over-exaggerated to me.

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    No...it sounds like Vince all right.

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    That's a long story. About 2/3 of the way through, I'd read more than I needed. If he's not gonna put any effort into a show, people ought to stop putting money into his bank account.

    You'd like to think so, wouldn't you?
    I don't know. I lost my psychic abilities when they stole my superhero powers.

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    Vince will be Vince
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