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Bach and DeMartini?

80s Forum: Bach and DeMartini?
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    YOU aren't in on the joke!

    Bach and DeMartini?

    Taken from Metal Sludge.com

    About 2 weeks ago or so, we heard a rumor that Warren DeMartini is going to be playing in Sebitchian Bach's band. That's why I said in my post last week when Bach posted his response about his doctor visit and not having a record label: For the record: NO I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A NEW RECORD LABEL . No, but you might be looking for a new guitarist from the rumor I hear. Warren DeMartini might be available....
    See how I worked that in? Well, the rumor is picking up steam and word the street is that Adam Albright has gotten the boot because
    A: He did 20 Questions with us
    B: He's an idiot
    Of course, that's just purely speculation, rumor, and gossip, and what do we know about gossip and rumors?

    Unconfirmed reports, and you have to be careful about those, say Warren jumped the Ratt ship at Christmas to join the reunited White Lion. But when the While Lion reunion fell apart, Warren was still looking to bail big time. You can also see a photo of Warren and Sebitchian together on the front page of Bach's half-assed site.
    I would have thought that Warren would be too mature to want to deal with Sebitchian but I guess if he's put up with Blozter all these years, he can probably handle Sebitchian too.
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    Re: Bach and DeMartini?

    DeMartini is a talented player and if he can help Bach then I guess more power to him. I mean if Reb Beach could play with Don.....for a while.
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    Re: Bach and DeMartini?

    Damn! And here I was thinking that "Bach" meant J.S. Bach - not S. Bach.

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