Deeper with The Weathermen

At last ! The still enigmatic Electronic music group The Weathermen has come back from wherever they went to hide for 12 bloody years to record a new CD album.
Their intelligent mix of funny social and political comments with warped beats and perpendicular music is indeed very welcome in today’s bland music world who seem to only respond to one word: “endless recycling”.
This is the real stuff: ten songs, ten explosions, ten pictures of a moment, ten assaults on your senses and wit, ten statements about the way the world has become. Mixed with fun and emotion.

Deeper With The Weathermen is available in Europe thru Urgence Disk, Firezone Records and on
In the USA, the CD is currently available on but a US deal is shortly going to be signed.

“You do need a weatherman to know where you last left your umbrella

Deeper With The Weathermen:
10 Weathermen songs eye-to-eye with todays’ fake reality

Workshop 4’27 let The Weathermen take you down some weird alleyways…
Deeper 4’28 just how much is Dubya confused and at war with himself ?
Surveillance Star 4’20 you are no-one unless people see you on TV. Are you ?
Close To You 4’07 the immortal Bacharah/David love song. Sort of.
Daytime TV 3’11 you’re watching too much daytime tv !
Buckle Up ! 4’10 the sheriff is taken us on a wild ride….
House Of Blues 4’37 The Weathermen’s ode to Phil Spector
God Bless 3’44 Stop The War !
Talkin’ Feet 3’28 Home is where the HumVee is.
Domotic 5’24 The Weathermen are back from the future !


There’s also a website where you can download FOR FREE hi-quality mp3 of The Weathermen’s most popular songs, including the hit single Poison, Berlin and such classics as Deep Down South or Baywatch’s Around The World.