Rainbow Brite puppy(Puppybrite)
big orange Rainbow Brite sprite(I think his name is OJ)
baby turtle keyper with brush
cat koosa
pound pury
Poochie stamper
Poochie pencile case
bank popple with stopper
MLP baby Cuddles with Baby Buggy accessories
girl clown Cabbage Patch doll complete with orginal diaper!
Snugglebum's pet pink dinosaur
pretty petz cat
Cabbage Patch show pony
fakie cabbage patch doll(I think they were called flower kids?)
Cabbage Patch stamper
koosa pvc
Minnie Mouse plush
assorted stuffed animals

Starship's Greatest Hits
Perfect Gentlmen(tape cassette)

Other stuff:
Burger King Star Wars glass from 1982 or 1983
Mcdonald's Peanuts glasses

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