It was recently brought to my attention that some of PG's PMs were being read by somebody other than herself. They were showing up as READ before she had ever seen them. A couple of them were even deleted.

Upon investigating all of the log-ins for her account, there was one IP that wasn't hers. That person who has logged into her account (XXX) has been banned permanantly from The Administrators and Moderators feel that one of, if not the worst thing that can happen in our community is having people hack into another members account. ANY member who is found to be accessing another members account will be banned... no questions asked.

Unlike the similar incident with Pippi some time ago, I've taken screenshots of the evidence so everyone can see that this is irrefutable. I've had to block some of both parties IP addresses to preserve their privacy and online security, but there's enough shown to make this case.

Here's a portion of PG's main IP page:

Here's what a normal log of how all her logged IPs except the offending one look like. Note she's the only one listed with her IP as it should be... signifying she's the only who's accessed her account:

And here's the offending IP... that of XXX's used to access PG's account:

And just as an extra, I ran a traceroute on XXX's IP used to access PG's account... (it's a trace from my general location to his, that's why the Boston's there):

And there you have it. It's very unfortunate and I hated to do it as XXX has always been a quality member, but rules are rules and they apply to everyone. Unauthorized access of an account is forbidden and will be caught if reported.
While I'm here addressing a rule, I'd like to take a moment to make a general statement as far as the shrowded shots being tossed around lately between certain members. Insults... whether shrowded or not aren't allowable on the boards. If anyone has a grudge with another member, settle it OFF the boards.... don't bring it here in any way shape or form. We're here to have fun and talk 80s and whatever else we got areas for Not for picking on others or talking shite about eachother.

Questions, comments or concerns can be PM'd to myself or any of the moderator team.