On August 27th, join DJ Apocalypse for the fusion of 2 distinct parties, under one roof, in one venue.

The combination of This Old House and Vintage takes place at Venue Nightclub for ONE night only. Appropriately dubbed Cruel Summer, to acknowledge the end of the season, the 4th Vintage party of 2004 will include the release of DJ Apocalypse's classic house mixed CD : "This Old House Volume 2". The combination of these 2 parties will give the original format of the Vintage party more of a classic house flavour (more than usual, of course). As well, every guest will leave with a free copy of This Old House Volume 2.

If you're new school and have never been to a Vintage party, then read on. If you're old school and have been a loyal follower, then make sure you get your guest list request in early!

Strictly for the new schoolers : The Vintage series was created by members of 11th Hour Entertainment and Soul Shock Entertainment because of the realization of the demise that is occurring to the current club scene in Toronto. It was very evident that in general, mostly every club played the same music every weekend. The scene has been oversaturated with the current urban-pop-culture. This realization prompted us to ask ourselves one question : "Why go to a club that played the SAME exact thing week after week; the SAME music that's played on Z103 or Flow?" Better yet, why wasn't there a party out there for the people who felt they were too old for the current clubbing generation (aged 19 - 22), but not old enough to stay home and not go out to party? Vintage was created to cater to them, no wait, to cater to us. We're talking about the mid to late 20 year olds, the product of the 80's (and even early 90's) generation.

You know who you are.
You grew up with the music.
You're an 80's child (and damn proud of it!!!).

Vintage pays homage to the 80's and early 90's. Why pay homage you may ask? Well, frankly, we need to be thankful for the generation and the music that it produced. The generation that gave us the New Jack Swing (New Edition, Johnny Gill, Bobby Brown, et al), the retro classic hits (you know, the ones that so many producers are sampling from these days), the one-hit-wonders (you know who those are, let's see, there's Tiffany, Milli Vanilli just to name a couple) and the where-are-they-now bands (e.g. Glass Tiger? Huey Lewis & The News? New Kids On The Block!!). Not only do we party to the sounds of the forgotten, Vintage also pays homage to the greats of our generation as well, to the likes of Madonna, Prince, Michael & Janet Jackson just to name a few.

Now back to the old school : All of you who have been privy to the last 3 Vintage parties should know that it's all about a good time. No pretentiousness & no attitude. Just a happy vibe with party people that are there to have fun!

Cover charge has always been free before midnight for all guest 25 and older, but for Vintage 4, we're charging a measly 5 dollars more. Why is that? That's because, in conjunction with Vintage 4 : Cruel Summer Edition, 11th Hour Entertainment is combining their signature classic house party: This Old House. That means there will be a stronger classic house flavour. As mentioned before, there will be an added bonus this time. DJ Apocalypse will be releasing his 2nd mixed CD from his This Old House series that same night. Log onto his site to check out the first one if you haven't gotten your hands on it yet. The track listing of Volume 2 will be posted on the 25th of August.

So there you have it folks. On August 27th, Venue Nightclub is the place to be. Give the same old party a rest for one weekend, and come enjoy some real music. Vintage is a party of original music, for original people. People like you.

For more info and/or guest list :
web : www.dj-apocalypse.com
email : info@dj-apocalypse.com