Does anyone have heard a band called LRP?

I have a c-tape from late 80s. I have copied the tape from my sister who had copied it from her friend. In our tapes there is no other letters than just LRP, no the name of the album or names of the songs. I asked my sister if the name is right but she can only tell that she remember the name of the band to be LRP. I have tried to search the name in Internet without results. I greatly guess that the name is something else.

Because the tape is from 80s surely the band is from 80s. I guess the band is American and from mid 80s to early 90s. The music is melodic hard rock or pop. Nothing special but nice romantic songs with good melodies and singing. I turn to you my fellows if you can recognize this band. I have the tape only and it will be broken some day. My wish is to find out if the name is right and if possible purchase the music of the band in the form of LP of CD.

I have no lyrics but I can give you some words from the songs. I hope that my not so great English wonít disturb you. Here are excerpts from the three first songs in the order they are to be heard in my tape (not sure if the tape is a compilation or not):

1st: Öno such thing. You are waiting for lightning Ö baby what you want for me Ö no such thing, no such thing Ö there is a time and place for this Ö you can really break your heart

2nd: Ödonít play with love: itís a dangerous game (this is chorus)Ö

3rd: You got the weight of the world in your shoulders tonight. Somewhere there is a light. It is just the way that you feel. In the eyes of the world; so much colder tonight. Itís feeding all your pride. It is just the way that you feel. Donít go. Donít you know that I am on your side? Donít goÖ