Today is a sad day at the xchange. I regretfully announce that Tinajo, our Super Moderator, has stepped-down from the team. Tina's had a wonderful influence on our community over the years, but sometimes things just don't end up the way you'd expect. This is proof that things don't always "work themselves out in the end".

As much as I wish things could have worked out differently, sadly, that is not to be. I tried my best to smooth things out here, but I have a very busy life outside the Xchange that I must attend to first. I take great pride in my ability to "set things straight" around here, but in this instance I was unable to do so. Seeing that this was the case, Tina decided on the best route for herself, and I commend her for her maturity.

I am glad to have had Tina's friendship and insight for these last few years. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to honor her request to step down. She's still here to discuss the upcoming meeting, but I expect she wont be around much after that..

All of the Mods and Admins would like to thank Tina for her time and efforts.

Sal C.