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T.O. members : Vintage 1 YR Ann. + RETRO MIX CD GIVEAWAY !!

80s Forum: T.O. members : Vintage 1 YR Ann. + RETRO MIX CD GIVEAWAY !!
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    On February 5th, join 11th Hour Entertainment in Paradise, as we celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary of the Vintage party. It will all take place on the 3rd floor (Paradise) of Afterlife. (Exclusive back door entrance will be made available for this special event - enter from alleyway off Duncan, north of Adelaide)

    Started in 2004, the Vintage parties have catapulted, from a measly 75 people in attendance on the 1st night, to over 500, in a matter of 12 months (5 parties). Some of 2004's memorable Vintage moments include the Atari 2600 Giveaway (Vintage 2), This Old House collaboration party with a successful CD release (Vintage 4).

    This time, to mark the endurance of the Vintage concept, 11th Hour Entertainment will also play host to the official CD release party of DJ Apocalypse's retro 80's mega-mix CD at the Vintage 1 Year Anniversary. Mega-mix??? Yes, with 60 of the hottest retro 80's tunes mixed non-stop on a 80 minute CD, you can't call it anything ELSE but MEGA!!!!

    DJ Apocalypse has hosted sound bites from this CD on his website. New samples are posted weekly until the 5th of February. Check it out for yourself. The mixes are smooth, and the tunes are HOT!!!

    The Vintage 1 Year Anniversary is the ONLY TIME the CD is available for FREE. Don't miss your chance to get your hands on the best retro 80's mixed CD out there !!

    Strictly for the new schoolers : The Vintage series was created by members of 11th Hour Entertainment and Soul Shock Entertainment because of the realization of the demise that is occurring to the current club scene in Toronto. It was very evident that in general, mostly every club played the same music every weekend. The scene has been oversaturated with the current urban-pop-culture. This realization prompted us to ask ourselves one question : "Why go to a club that played the SAME exact thing week after week; the SAME music that's played on Z103 or Flow?" Better yet, why wasn't there a party out there for the people who felt they were too old for the current clubbing generation (aged 19 - 22), but not old enough to stay home and not go out to party? Vintage was created to cater to them, no wait, to cater to us. We're talking about the mid to late 20 year olds, the product of the 80's (and even early 90's) generation.

    You know who you are.
    You grew up with the music.
    You're an 80's child (and damn proud of it!!!).

    Vintage pays homage to the 80's and early 90's. Why pay homage you may ask? Well, frankly, we need to be thankful for the generation and the music that it produced. The generation that gave us the New Jack Swing (New Edition, Johnny Gill, Bobby Brown, et al), the retro classic hits (you know, the ones that so many producers are sampling from these days), the one-hit-wonders (you know who those are, let's see, there's Tiffany, Milli Vanilli just to name a couple) and the where-are-they-now bands (e.g. Glass Tiger? Huey Lewis & The News? New Kids On The Block!!). Not only do we party to the sounds of the forgotten, Vintage also pays homage to the greats of our generation as well, to the likes of Madonna, Prince, Michael & Janet Jackson just to name a few.

    Now back to the old school : Come party to the sounds of DJ's Baba Kahn and Apocalypse as they take you back in time, to the 80's and early 90's....and leave with a mini-time-capsule as each and everyone will receive a FREE copy of DJ Apocalypse's retro 80's mixed CD.

    Classic R&B, New Jack & Hip Hop is what Vintage brings to the table. 80's retro, new wave, some rock and a LOT of cheesy pop is what Vintage is all about. Nothing newer than 1994 will be played. Believe it!

    FREE COVER to all our loyal fans (and those who dare to experience something new) before 11pm on guest list.

    So there you have it folks. On February 5th, Afterlife Nightclub is the place to be. Give the same old party a rest for one weekend, and come enjoy some real music. Vintage is a party of original music, for original people. People like you.

    For more info and/or guest list :
    web : www.11thhourent.com ~ www.dj-apocalypse.com
    email : info@11thhourent.com ~ guest-list@11thhourent.com ~ info@dj-apocalypse.com
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