Here's a list of some stuff Im getting rid of. You like it?? PM me or drop me an email @ and we'll talk. This list will continue for as long as I keep finding stuff to clear out. Looking for other 80's music/movies as well.(*note* ALL CD'S ARE ONLY $2 bucks each with an extra $1.00 for shipping-$3 total-US ONLY)

For sale or trade:

80's Cd's(these are all full lengths w/artwork):

The The-Mind Bomb
Cocteau Twins-Blue Bell Knowl
Debbie Gibson-Electric Youth
New Order- Substance(one disc)
Genesis-Greatest hits Live(no artwork or case with this one, sorry)
Electronic-Electronic(johnny Marr(of the smiths)/bernard sumner(of New Order))
Britny Fox-
Squeeze-45 and under(singles/greatest hits)
The Art of Noize-greatest hits
(keep checking back for more)

80's movies(commercial *masters* on VHS w/boxes-Negotiable on price):

Top Gun
Midnight Madness(extremely tough to get, *out of print*)
Pee Wee's Big Adventure(clamshell case)