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Muppet Babies: The Complete Series on DVD !

80s Forum: Muppet Babies: The Complete Series on DVD !
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    Arrow Muppet Babies: The Complete Series on DVD !

    hi everybody your not going to belive this but when i checked my mail this morning i found this !

    Copy and past=============================

    [transformerscds_groups] AVAILABLE NOW FROM 1984: Muppet Babies: The Complete Series

    SHOW: Muppet Babies
    YEAR: 1984-1991
    PICTURE:9.0 - 10.0
    SOUND: 9.0 (Digital Dolby "Surround" sound 2.0 ! )
    The ENTIRE Complete 7 Seasons of 101 Episodes!

    (This set is from DIGITAL 720X480 (MPEG-2) Transfers, every single episode has been preserved to a PERFECT 10 QUALITY !
    That's why there are 5 episodes per DVD for a total of a whopping 20-DVD SET of 101 Episodes !!! )

    ================================================== ====

    ================================================== ====


    - Muppet Babies Commercials
    Toys. Tv promos, Mcdonalds. and so much more!

    The last DVD is a HYBRID DVD !! ( HOME DVD PLAYER/PC-ROM DRIVE ) this dvd works in your home player PLUS if you put it in your PC( DVD-ROM) and access a SPECIAL folder you will be able to read the ENTIRE 1985 SERIES 1-6 VOL. COMIC BOOK COLLECTION
    ....in High-Rise Scans and fully printable format with free software!

    (just download the preview!)
    ================================================== ==========

    Muppet Babies was really cute. It was basically The Muppets as kids but animated this time. Kermit and friends were now babies, growing up together in a nursery under the watchful, yet kindly eye of Nanny.
    When Nanny shut the nursery doors behind her, the miniature Muppets' imaginations would soar. Clothes hampers became caves, chairs would be spaceships and the babies became heroes of their very own detailed fantasies. These stories frequently mimicked fairy tales or movies, often using real film footage with the Muppet characters superimposed. Particularly famous examples include Indiana Kermit running away from the giant boulder of Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Kermit Skywalker and Princess Piggy fighting the evil Animal Vader. This set took me 9 long months to preserve as perfect as it can get.










    ONLY FROM THE BEST, ONLY TransformersCDs.com !

    PRESERVING THE 80's...
    One Cartoon at a Time !

    ------====( PRESERVING THE 80's One Cartoon at a Time ! )=====----

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    Re: Muppet Babies: The Complete Series on DVD !

    Transformerscds is a well known scammer and his sets are unwatchable. all sets he does are really bad vcd dumps at a quality of 5/10 (thats being kind).

    promoting a scammer like that will just do you more damage then good, you want high quality seek a trader who cares about the shows they love and can do a decent set.

    Transformerscds only cares about money and have scammed 100s of people out of their money, as well as providing crap sets. this guy is a insult to us traders who create high quality sets to preserve the shows for us fans and not seek money in the pocket.

    But if you want to take the risk and deal with him then its your choice, but don't say i didn't warn you and you end up getting disappointed with the results.

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    Re: Muppet Babies: The Complete Series on DVD !

    I was going to buy something from this guy once, She-ra but in the end it just wasn't worth it if they were crap. I'll wait for the official release.

    No.1 ALIAS fan

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    Re: Muppet Babies: The Complete Series on DVD !


    the muppet babies dvd set works fantastic. I am very happy with the color and the sound. The color looks very crisp, something that I never saw on my old vhs's and the sound was just the same, great.

    I enjoyed some of the occassional comercial breaks straight from saturday mornings on CBS. Keep those in their because it just keeps the nostalgia growing, I can remember seeing those commercial breaks on saturdays as a child while eating cereal good job.

    The protective outer case was nice. It is very resistent againsts minor falls or pushes and just shows that they care about there products that they make.

    I enjoyed the individual plastic sleaves, which I had hoped that they would include or I would have to buy some because having them in a big dvd case just to make the product look all flashy makes the dvd's more succeptible to scratches and transformerscds stayed away from that, very brilliant move.

    I enjoyed the moving menue with the muppet baby theme song playing in the back, that just grabbed my attention and I thought it was good move.

    I enjoyed the special features, the comic books were simply terrific, easy access and all. The commercials brought me back, infact I have one in my attic so that just added to my nostalgia.

    A small tidbit that shows the guys put more than enough effort into the products are that when I did the scence selection to choose an episode, when the episode ended it went back to the main menue. When I chose play all, they played all. Other people I have done buisness with, if you chose play all or scene selection, no matter what it would just play all. Just a small tid bit that says alot.

    THe dvd art was beautiful, I loved the fact of each individual muppet being on the disc, as well as the muppet baby logo.

    I also loved the fact that transformerscds took such care in categorizing by disc number, season number and the start and end date of that season, which makes categorizing easy.

    Lastly, I loved the fact they put only a few episodes on each disc as too not overload it or go near maximum capacity because that does lead to skipping.

    As far as skipping or freezing, absolutely none at all. That was the biggest part that got me. ONe episode, I thought did not play but it turned out that my dvd player had been on for some time before I played them and that was the factor because when I played them in the morning they played fine.
    Now they continually play fantastic, one could forget that these were burnt dvd's they play so well.

    I don't know about other people but I am becoming a member of transformercds for all my childhood cartoon nostalgic needs. They gained a customer because the guys rule in both kindness to there customers and effort in there products.

    I look forward to getting the Sectors next

    P.s I also want to point out the shipping only took 3 days for me to receive it which they emailed me the tracking number right away, I was surprised by that because when I would be dealing with people from ebay it would take them almost a month to final receive anything and no email from there end.
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    Re: Muppet Babies: The Complete Series on DVD !

    I'll wait for the series to come out on DVD officially and then just rent from Blockbuster.

    I used to watch the Muppet Babies all the time! I even have those McDonald's Holiday Huggables that I put out for xmas every year!
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