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"Fat Albert&Other Cartoons For Sale

80s Forum: "Fat Albert&Other Cartoons For Sale
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    Cool "Fat Albert&Other Cartoons For Sale

    I have to offer the following cartoons on vhs only:
    The Banana Splits:36 half hours
    BatMan:The Animated Series:70 episodes
    BigFoot&Wild Boy
    Black Star
    The Brady Kids cartoon
    Butch Cassidy&The Sundance Kids
    Captain Caveman&The Teen Angels
    Casper&The Angels
    Challange Of The Superfriends:16 episodes
    Chuck Norris:Karate Kommandos
    Gary Coleman Show
    Drak pack'80s cartoon
    The Dukes Of Hazzard Cartoon:20 episodes
    Dynomutt Dog Wonder:Vol.1&2
    The Electric Company:32 episodes
    Fat Albert's Halloween special
    Fat Albert's Christmas Special
    Fat Albert's Easter Special
    Fat Albert&The Cosby Kids:50 episodes
    Flash Gordon:Greatest Adventure 1979 Cartoon Movie
    Funky Phantom
    Ghostbusters'86 cartoon series
    GI-Joe:A Real American Hero Animated Special
    GI-Joe:The Revange Of Cobra-Animated Tv special
    GI-Joe:"A Rise Serpentor,A Rise!Pt.1-5
    GI-Joe-A Real American Hero:3-vols
    Goober&The Ghost Chasers
    Godzilla'78 cartoon
    Goldie Gold&Action Jack
    The Groovie Goolies
    Heathcliff&dingBat Show
    Heathcliff&Marmaduke show
    HE-Man&The Masters Of The Universe
    HE-Man&She-Ra&The Secret Of The Sword Movie
    HE-Man&She-Ra Christmas Special
    Hong Kong Phooey
    Inch High Private Eye
    Inspector Gadget
    Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas
    ISIS'70's Live Action
    Jason Of Star Command
    Jeanie'70s Cartoon
    Johnny's Golden Quest
    Jossie&The Pussycats
    Jossie&The Pussycats In outer Space
    Land Of The lost'70's
    Mighty Man&Yukk:2vols
    Paw Paw Bears
    Pebbles&Bamm Bamm Show
    Pryde Of the X-Men 1988 Pilot
    Rambo 80's Cartoon
    Return To The Planet Of The Apes cartoon
    Richie Rich show
    Shazam'70s Live Action
    Shazma'80s cartoon
    She-Ra:Princess Of Power
    Shirt Tales
    Sigmond&The Sea Monsters
    Smurfs Adventures
    Smurfs Christmas Special
    Spider-Women:8 episodes
    Spider-Man'80s cartoon
    Spider-Man&His Amazing Friends:24 episodes
    Spider-Man On The Move 1982 Prime tv special
    SuperFriends'73 series
    Super Globetrotters'79
    Super Strech&Micro-Women&WebWomen&The Freedom Force'78 Super 7 Show
    Tarzan Lord Of The Jungle
    These Are The Days
    Tis The Season To Be Smurffy'87 christmas special
    The 13 Ghost Of Scooby-Doo
    Thundarr The BarBarian
    US Of Archies
    Vallexy Of The Dinosaures
    The Visionaries
    Wheelie&The Chopper Bunch
    X-Men:The Animated Series

    Email for more info!!

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    Re: "Fat Albert&Other Cartoons For Sale

    Hi there, I'm Merilee, the newest member of 80sxchange, as you can tell from my screen name, I LOOOOOVE Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids! I have ten eps on tape, the only eps I don't have are 'The Super Sub', 'The Gold Caper', and 'The Parrrot Caper', if you have any of these then PLEEEEEEASE answer this message, cause I'd love to have any of these three and I'm willing to pay.
    Thank you soo much!!!

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    Re: "Fat Albert&Other Cartoons For Sale

    Am interested in Bigfoot and Wildboy. What episodes do you have?



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