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26 hours of 80's commercials on DVD for sale and/or trade!

80s Forum: 26 hours of 80's commercials on DVD for sale and/or trade!
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    26 hours of 80's commercials on DVD for sale and/or trade!

    Greetings -
    Since I cant go back and edit my previous threads, its time to recompile the list and smarten things up a bit. But first, a bit about my discs:

    * These are single layer DVD -R discs, and while I've tried to QA them on several different DVD players, please make sure your player will handle them. I've not heard problems from anyone who I've traded with, so I'd say the odds they'll work for you are pretty good.
    * My tapes were reordered off the air from 20 years ago, on several VCRs, and of course the stuff I've gotten in trade is all over the map. I've done what I can to restore them and sweeten the audio, but you can only do so much. That being said, the commercials within are all pretty good quality.
    * Like I said, these come from off the air. None of these were downloaded from X-Entertainment, Youtube or other retro 80's web pages. That's a cheap move, and frankly they look like crap when you do that.
    * I have mastered them with menus and chapter stops. None of this DVD recorder default menu here, thank you.
    * Each disc is about an hour long (sometimes shorter, sometimes longer - but as close as I can get), and all have well over a hundred commercials each. Also, they're all original - very few dupilcates in any of these discs (any dupes were upgrades of previous material on earlier discs).

    TRADE - I'm always on the lookout for more commercials I don't have. On DVD would be the preferred method, but I could live with VHS copies (recorded at fast, of course).
    SELLING - Don’t have anything to trade? If you’d like to buy, it's either 10 dollars for a single DVD, 40 dollars for any 10 discs or 80 for the whole run of 26 Commercial DVDs. For that, you get the discs, a slim jewel box (no paper sleeve here, thank you), all shipped priority mail with a tracking number. Oh. And that price includes free shipping.

    But enough disclaimers. On to the discs. . . .

    Volume 1 - Food and Candy
    5th Avenue candy, Simpsons Butterfinger, Candilisous, Hersheys (with the Roadruner), Hershey's Kisses, Rolo chocolate candy, Tootsie Roll, Twix candy bar, Twizzlers, Nabisco Snack Contest, Giggles cookies, Teddy Grahams snacks, Bubble Tape gum, Bubble Yum, Double Mint gum, Wrigley's gum, Flippits snacks, Fruit Wrinkles, Handi-Snacks, JELL-O (with Bill Cosby), Fun Fruit snacks, Alpha-Bits, Apple Jacks, Cap'N Crunch, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Circus Fun, Cocoa Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Corn Pops cereal, Eggo waffles, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Fruity Pebbles Ghostbusters cereal, Golden Grahams, Honey Nut Cheerios, Honey Smacks, Nut N Honey Crunch, Fruity Marshmallow Krispies cereal, Rice Krispies, Trix cereal, Waffle Crisp, Oatmeal Swirlers, Pop Tarts, Hawaiian Punch, Kool-Aid (wacky wild Kool-Aid style), Nestle Quick, A ton of McDonald's, Chef Boyardee (ABC's & 123's), Alpha-Ghetti, Lipton Alligator Soup, Lipton Bigfoot Soup, SpaghettiO's, Crest toothpaste, ABC's claymation Saturday Morning Bumpers, ABC Fun facts, Anti-Drug PSA (with the egg), One to Grow on, RIF PSA about Reading, The Real Ghostbusters promo, The Transformers bumper, The first Simpsons premiere bumper, MTV Bumpers , "The Wizard" movie trailer, Missing In Action III movie trailer,

    Volume 2 - Boys Toys
    Army Gear, Batman, Bogglins, Captain Planet, Captain Power, DC Super Powers, Domino Rally, Entertech squirt guns, Flipsiders, Flying Fighters, Real Ghostbusters, GI Joe, He Man, Hit Stix, Hot Wheels, Keds shoes, Laser Tag, Legos, Mad Scientist, Max Backtalk, Megaforce, Micromachines, Monster Mash, Mr Bubble, My Buddy, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Play Doh, Pocket Rockers, Pogo Ball, Police Academy, Record Breakers, Ring Raiders, Robocop, Robotech, Rubikc Magic Puzzle, Sky Commanders, Solar Quest, Sorry, Stamps, Star Stage, Star Wars, Star Com, Stone Protectors, Supernaturals, Teddy Ruxpin, Toys R Us, Transformers, Turbo Outlaws, Tyco Snack Shop, Tyco Super block Adventure, Video Driver, Underoos, Wheel Of Fortune, Zaks, 70's Toy Commercials (not so good quality),

    Volume 3 - Girls Toys and Video Games
    Cherry Merry Muffin, Dolly Surprise, Dressing Pretty, Faz, Go Go Gears, Jem, Especially for Girls, Kid Sister, LA Gear, Lost and Founds, Maxie, My Little Pony, Nosey Bears, Oppsie Daisy, Piggy Belly, PJ Sparkles, Alphie, Precious Places, Barbie, Sweetie Pups, Sylvanian Families, Dress n Dazzle, Yum Yums, Santa's 900 number, Chopper Command, Freeway, Grand prix, Ice Hockey, Kaboom, Laser Blast, Megamainia, Pitfall, Activision puts you in the game, River Raid, Skiing, Stampede, Sarmaster, ET (shed), Centipede, Frogger/ The Empire Strikes Back (UK), Atari 2600 (UK), Atari 7800 Olympic team, Atari Lynx, Intellivision vs Baseball, B-17 Bomber, Intellivision Vs Astrosmash, Nintendo Hallway, House blasts off, Dragon Warrior, Super Mario Land, Super Nintendo Mario Brothers 3, Tetris, Yoshi, Legend of Zelda, Gameboy, Sega's Afterburner, Comix Zone, Free Double Dragon, Genesis gets out stains, Today's Hottest Hits, The challenge will always be there, Segascope 3D Goggles, Thunderblade, Acclaim, Toys R us - Commodore 128-D, Kaypro Computers, 70's Prime Time commercials (bonus - not very good)

    Volume 4 - Prime Time
    Alaska Airlines, PSA, Southern Air, Fisher Office Furniture, Jack Roberts Appliance, Prime Time Rentals, United Buy and Sell service, Energizer, Duracell, GE Rechargeable, Budget Brake and Muffler, GMAC Financing, Honda, Isuzu, Subaru, Texaco Gas, Bartles and James, Budget Gourmet, California Raisins, Coke (Ghostbusters and Max Headroom), Dominos Pizza, Godfathers Pizza, Happy Cooker, Hershey's Milk, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, Old Smokehouse Sauce, Wonder Bread, Pepsi cola, Naturals Nuts, Persons Salted Nut Roll, Skippers, Diet Squirt, Wendy's (Where's the Beef!), Mountain Bell Long Distance, 976-Hits, American Express, Chap Stick, Drug Emporium, Easy Spirit Dress Pump, Excedrin, Federal Express, Fiberglass Pink, Independent Life insurance, Irish Spring, Monsters of Rock, Pay and Save, Raid, TV Guide

    Volume 5 - Candy and Cereal
    Three Musketeers, Almond Joy, Baby Ruth / Butterfingers, Bonkers, Breath Savers, Bubble Yum, Chips Ahoy, Clorets, Cracker Jack, Extra sugar free gum, Fig Newtons, Freshen Up Gum, Froot Roll Ups, Froot Wrinkles, General Mills cereals Watch and Win contest, Heath Bar, Hersheys kiss, Hostess Fruit Pies, Hubba Bubba gum, Kit Kat, M&M's, Resses Peanut Butter Cups, Resses pieces, Rollo, Tidal Wave Gum, Whatchamacallit, Wrigley's spearmint gum, Alpha bits cereal, Apple Jacks, Cap'n Crunch, Cheerios, Coca Pebbles / Fruty Pebbles, Coca Puffs, Cookie Crisp Cereal, Corn Pops, Crispix, Dinky Donuts, Donutz, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Golden Grahams, Halfsies, Honey Nut Cheerioes, Honey Comb, Ice Cream Cone Cereal, Life, Lucky Charms, Monster Cereal, Post Cereals - Create a villain, Post Cereals - Seaworld contest, Quaker Oatmeal, Raisin Bran, Rice Crispies, S'mores , C-3P0 cereal, Strawberry Shortcake Cereal, Super Sugar Crisp, Sugar Smacks, Special K, Trix, Waffelos, Wheaties

    Volume 6 - Food and Network Promos
    Burger King, Chuck-e-cheese, Little Ceasers, McDonalds, Wendy's, Cosmic Kids (Chef Boyardee), Eggo, Sunkist, Superman Peanut Butter, Zooroni, Alka Seltzer, Doritoes, Dunken Hinze Brownie Mix, Eckrich sausage, Golden Light spread, Gortons Fish Sticks, Got Milk?, Hidden Valley Ranch dressings, Hills Brothers Coffee, Hostess donuts, Hunts sauce in a box, Pepsi, Pilllsbury, Rainier Beer, S&W Tomatoes, Sunsweet Prunes (w/ Ray Bradbury), Nestle tollhouse cookies, Uncle Ben's rice, 7-up Soda, Best Foods spread, Capri Sun, Coke (& diet coke), Dr Pepper, Hershey's Syrup (Messy Marvin), Jiuce Works, Kool Aid, Milk does a body good, Nestles coca, Ovaltine, Quick, CBS Saturday Supercade bumpers, Dungeons & Dragons, CBS Promos, NBC Promos, Kidd Video promos, Magic Mountain, Motocross, MTV Bumpers, Black Stallion movie TV spot, Clash of the Titans movie TV spot, Swamp Thing movie TV spot, Over the Top movie TV spot, The Sword in the Stone movie TV spot, Radio Times (UK)

    Volume 7 - PSA And Toys
    Ask NBC News, Betcha Don’t Know, Don’t be a Bigot, Boys and Girls Club (with OJ!), Camp Fire Girls, Join the Coast Guard, Emergency Broadcast System test, Only you can prevent Forest Fires, Be a Friend, Help old people, Pick up litter, Wear your seatbelt, Pills are not candy!, Disabled people can do things, ET's Special Olympics, Aim Toothpaste, Remember Dental Floss, Colgate gel, Crest vs the Kavity Kreeps, Baby Keepers, Barbie, Belt Racers, Blackstar action figures, Boggle, Bubble Magic, Bubble-o's, Burnin' Key Cars, Crayola Markers, C.U.T.I.E., Dr Seuss collection, Easter Bunny stories, Ertl Cars, Fast 111's Blazing Bandits, Play Skool Mountain Bike, Fisher Price Tournament Table, Fisher Price Action Games, GI Joe, Glamour Gals, He-Man, Hot Wheels, Huggy Bean, Jordache fashion doll Collection, Roos shoes, Kronoform Watch, Legos, Lords of Light, Maple Town, Mr Potato head, Mystery Color, Nerf Boomerang, Paas egg dye kits, Penny Racers, Poochie Pals, Pound Puppies, Presto Magix Transfers, Private Call, Rev 'em up racer, Rocky Figures, Roller Ruler, Rough Riders 4x4, Smack Ups, Star Wars Action Figures, Atari 2600, Nintendo,

    Volume 8 - More Video Games
    Superman Atari bumper, Atari 2600 - The Fun is Back, Atari Anonymous, World greatest arcade games, Atari baseball, Little boy inside a grown man, That’s everything? The Atari 5200 Supersystem, Not on Colecovision, Atari 7800 - More games! Half the Price!, Atari 7800 R&D, Colecovision: The Arcade Experience, Colecovision Action Controller, Colecovision & Cabbage Patch Kids, Carnival, Donkey Kong, Great new arcade hits on Colecovision, Here's what's on Colecovision!, Colecovision's first expansion, Mr Do and Time Pilot, The only system you'll ever need, Colecovision Roller Controler, Smurfs, Sorry Atari, Driving module and Turbo, Zaxxon, Discover Intellivision, Burgertime, Intellivision II system changer (long), Intellivision II system changer (short), Asteroids vs Space Spartans, $50 rebate, Vs Atari space games, Vs Atari sports, Who was that kid? Odyssey2 (With Mr Spock!), The Wizard of Odyssey, Nintendo NES ROB and Gryomite, Kirby's pinball, SNES w/ 5 Mario games, Tetris 2, Atari Asteroids, Dig dug, Phoenix, and Centipede, ET (backyard shed), ET Christmas, Galaxy to Earth - Star Raiders/Berserk, Discover Atari (with Jack Palance), Joust, Jungle Hunt & Kangaroo, Mario Brothers, Moon Patrol, Ms Pac Man, Realsports Baseball, Realsports Football, Star Raiders, Nobody's Hotter than Atari this Summer, Vangard, Santa delivers Ms Pac man, The Fly, Frostbite, Activision for Intellivision, Pitfall - the hit everyone wants, Data Age, Atlantis, Cosmic Ark, Demon Attack, Amidar, Death Star Battle, The Empire Strikes Back, Frogger, Popeye, Q*Bert, Spiderman, Tutankham

    Volume 9 - MTV Bumpers & Prime Time
    MTV Bumpers (All kinds - Denis Leary, Lupo the butcher, Randee of the Redwoods, Gilbert Gottfried, and Judy Tenuta - just to name a few), TV Network promos (LA Rams, Days of our lives, NBC Miniseries, Bob Hope special, Dolly Parton), Toyota, Chevy, 60 min tune, Accura, BMW, Castrol GTX, Chevy Nova, GM is Safety, Mr Goodwrench, Lectric Shave, Aquafresh, Bandaid Clear, Ben Gay, Colgate, Contac 12 hour, Denerex, Chlortimeton, Rolaids, Lubriderm, Mediprin, Armour Dinner Classics, Cadbury mini eggs, Cheese, Certs, Perfect Cheeseburger, Clusters nuts, Dentine, Duncan Hines Turtle Brownies, Grape Nuts, Life Savers, Equal sweetener, Mrs Butterworths, Pepperage Farms cookies, Shakeys, Black Angus, Dairy Queen, Denny's, Ivars, Howie Mandel goes to McDonalds, Little Ceasers, Dominos Pizza 30 minutes or less, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Riunite wine, Coors silver bullet, Diet Pepsi - Ray Charles, Pepsi Summer Chillout, Diet 7-Up, Bud Dry, Haynes panty hose, Dockers pants, Met Life insurance (with Peanuts), State Farm, Northwestern Mutual Life, UPS, Join the US Army!, Arm and Hammer, AT&T, Black and Decker tools, British Airways, Clorox Bleach, Corning Visions cookware, Energizer batteries, Washington Natural Gas, GE Softwhite Bulb, Greensweep Weed and Feed, Mannington Floors, Mastercard, Pay&Save, People Magazine, Ryder trucks, Seafirst banks

    Volume 10 - Seasonal and Prime Time
    The CBS Special bumper, McDonalds presents bumper, McDonalds skating, 7-Up Christmas activity poster, CBS Christmas bumpers, Ice Capades, McDonalds, Oreo cookies, Pound Puppies, Snuggles Christmas ornaments, The Christmas Gift bumper, WLNE holiday Bumper, Zayre's Christmas Madness sale, VW Bug funeral, 7-11 slurpees, Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting, ABC Theater, Acura cars, Alaska Air, Arm and Hammer, Armstrong floors, AT&T, CBS Bumpers, US Sprint, Barklets bank, Eisenhower and Lutz bumper, Certs, Christine trailer, Coke (with Mean Joe Green!), Commodore computers, Crispy Critters cereal, Dance Madness from Ktel, Dexatrim, Dollar rent a car, Duration nasal spray, English Leather, Frisky cat food, Future floor wax, Good Morning America "The Day After" bumper, Hertz Rentacar, with OJ Simpson, Hot Trax from Ktel, Knight Security alarms, Isuzu - faster than a speeding bullet (with Joe Isuzu), Jimmy Reardon trailer, Juicy Fruit, Dial a lash by Maybelline, Magnavox, McDonalds - Mac Tonight, McDonalds - Taste of Glory, McDonalds - County Champ, Michelin Tires, Milk!, Minolta cameras, Mr Coffee, Tollhouse Cookies, Never Say Never Again trailer, Seattle Times, Orville Redenbacher, Pam, Columbian Coffee, California Raisin (the first one), Red Lobster, Robotussen, Foot Locker, Ryder trucks, South Carolina Federal Bank, Sheba cat food, Sinutab, Skippers fish, Lemon Lime Slice, Slim Fast, Soloflex, Spray and Wash stain stick, Just Say No to Crack, Sunmaid Raisins, VW GTI, Western Optical, Whirlpool Dishwasher, Wrigley's Gum, WV Cabriolet, WV Vanagon, Yoplait, Emmerson electronics, McDonalds children's charities, El Paso frozen entrées, Peperage Farms stuffing, Salvation Army. Scott tissue, Tender Vittles cat food, Tropicana Orange Juice, TV Guide, VCR Rabbit, White Cloud tissue, Gains Burger dog food, Heath Bar, Hillshire Farms sausage, Jello Mousse, Kaufmann carpets, the Little Shop of Horrors, Polaroid camera, Stella Doro Breadsticks

    Volume 11 - Adult food
    7-up, A-1 steak sauce, NBC Bumper, Mounds candy, Alpo Dog Food, Blimpy Subs, Bojangles Chicken, Budwiser, Burger King, Calvin Cooler, Campbells Soups, Canada Cooler, Carnation instant breakfast, Carvel Ice Cream, Cheetos, Chex Cerial, Chi-Chi's restaurant, Coke, Coors Beer, Crispex Cerial, Dandy Bar, Dannon Yogurt, Mountain Dew, Diet 7-Up, Diet Coke - with Batman!, Diet Dr Pepper - Judy Tenuda, Nutrasweet, Dominos Pizza - the Noid!, Doublemint gum, Dunken Doughnuts, Extra Gum, Fig Newtons, Frenches Mustard, Friskeys Cat Dinner, Gerber strained peas, Green Giant frozen gourmet, Hardees, Heinz ketchup, Hersheys kisses, Hersheys Chocolate, Hidden ranch, Jello pudding pops, Juicy fruit, Kal Kan cat food, Keebler fudge stripe cookies, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kraft salad dressings, Kraft Mayonnaise, Life cereal, Lipton teas, Lipton cup a soup, M&Ms, McDonalds, Meow Mix, Milk does a body good, Miller High Life, Miller Light - Joe Piscapo, Minuet Maid light, Mrs Dash, Cheese is good, Nestle toll house cookies, Nice cough drop, Ocean Spray Cranapple, Oscar Meyer, Praise dog food, Pepsi - Michael Jackson (with the exploding hair!), Pillsbury, Pizza Hut - Gary Shandling, Planters peanuts, Pringles chips, Pro Grain Cereal, Promise extra light butter, Pureina Cat and dog food, Ragu sauce, Raisin bran, Yoplait Yogurt, Ritz crackers, Roy Rodgers Chicken, Segrams Wine coolers, Smiriff pies, Shredded Wheat, Slice, Snickers, Starburst fruit chews, Sun Country wine coolers, Sun Flakes, Sunkist oranges, Keebler Tato Skins, Thomas English Muffins - with Scott Bakula, Turtles candy, Uncle Ben's Rice, Velveta Macaroni cheese, Wendys, Wrigleys Spearmint gum, Yoplait Yoghurt

    Volume 12 - Kids food
    Chips Ahoy, Coco Pebbles, Cookie Crisp, Corn Pops, Crispy Critters, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Ghostbusters Pasta, Giggles Cookies, Goobers, Good Humor Ice Cream, Hersheys Bars (The Breakdancing at school one), Hershey's Syrup, HI-C, Honey Nut Cheerios, Honey Comb, Hostess Fruit Pies, Hubba Bubba, Juicy Fruit, Kool-Aid, Quik, M&M's, McDonalds (with Boat and ET Happy Meals), Milk does a body good, more Quik, Rainbow Bright Cereal, Reeses Pieces, Rice Krispies, Slim Jim, Smurfberry Crunch, Smurf Pasta, Spagettios, Strawberry Shortcake Cerial, Honey Smacks, Froot Rollups Crème Supreme, Sunkist Oranges, Super Golden Crisp, Keebler Cookies, Tang, Tootise Pops (ask Mr Owl!), Trix cereal, Twizlers, More Milk, Nerds Cereal, OJ's Cereal, Oreo Cookies, Popsicles, Pop Tarts, Post Cereals at Sea World

    Volume 13 - The Superbowl!
    ABC News Brief, American Express, Bob Hopes All Star Hour, BudBowl I, Budbowl III, Cutlass Supreme, Dristan (with The Bulls), McDonalds Big Mac Birthday, Cowboys for United Way, Football Hall of Fame, Anhiser Bush, AT&T, Benetton, Con-Ed power, Foot Locker, FDT Flowers, Illinois Bell, Johnson Lighting, K-lite, Master Lock, Gold N Gems, Nike "I love LA", Pacific West health club, Schick Shadel Hospitals, Soloflex, KCPQ Sports Report, Swatch, Van Husen shirts, Budweiser, Michelob Dry, Bud Light, Genesee Beer, Heineken Beer, LA Beer, Asti Spumanti, Michelob, Miller Beer, Miller lite (Less filling! Tastes Great!), Old Style Beer, Richards Wild Rose wine, Schaefer Beer, Seagram's wine cooler, Strohes Beer, Sun Country Cooler, ABC News Brief, American Anthem, Amnesty International, A-Team series premiere Promo, Library of Congress, CBS Sports, Friday the 13th Promo, Alf Promo, Peter the Great, The Last Precinct, NBC Sports, "Power" trailer, 4th Annual TV Guide special, United Way, Armor All, Audi, Toyota, Chevrolet, Chrysler New Yorker (with Ricardo "fine Corinthian leather" Montalban) , Nissan, Dodge, Firestone, Ford

    Volume 14 - More Superbowl!
    Upstate Ford dealers, Ford, GMAC Financing, Goodyear tires, Hanna car wash, Hertz Car Rentals, Honda ATC, Honda scooters, Hundai, Mazda sport coupe, Mazda clearance, Michelin Tires, Mobil Super gas, Navistar trucking, Nissan, Dodge and Plymouth , Pontiac, Saab, Toyota trucks, Volkswagen GTI, Yugo, USPS, Federal Express, UPS, Allstate insurance, American Express, Blue Cross, Century 21, Dean Wittier, Discover cards, The Harris Bank, John Hancock, Northwestern Mutual Life, Merrill Lynch (the one with the bull in a china shop), Pioneer bank, The Equitable, 7/11, Diet 7-Up, 7-Up, Berger King (with Herb), Carefree gum, Coke (with Refrigerator Perry, and the first Max Headroom) Diet Coke, Coke, Cup o Noodles, Doritos, Gatorade, Jiffy Pop, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kit n' Kaboodle, Mars Bar, McDonalds (Big Mac's Birthday), Milk, Mountain Dew, Nabisco products, 9-Lives, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Tostitos, Tropicana juice, Wheaties, Wisconsin Cheese, Embassy Suites, Hilton hotels, Sports Illustrated, Time, the Yellow Pages, General Electric boom boxes, Sprint, Kodak film, Magnavox camcorders, Maxell tapes, Minolta cameras, Panasonic camcorders, RCA Camcorders, RCA VCRs, Sharpe VCRs, TDK video tapes, Xerox Typewriters,

    Volume 15: Toys!
    6x6 High Risers, Big Wheel Carwash, Casio keyboards, Centurions, Construx, Dino Riders, GI Joe Trainset & Electronic Trucking, Gobots, He-Man & She-Ra toys, He-Man stickers, Hot Wheels Cobra Stunt Set, Hot Wheels Crack Ups, ot Wheels Dynamite Crossing, Knight 2000 Crash Set, Laser tag (long), Manglors, Mantech, M.A.S.K., Erector Sets, Nerf Boomerang, Nerf Golf, Nerf Baseball, NWA Wrestling T-Shirts, Playdoh Fun Factory, Potatohead Kids, Rambo, Robo Force, Slam Shifters, Star Wars Figures, C-3PO Cereal, Star Wars Anti-Smoking PSA, Star Wars Whooping Cough PSA, Starriors, Strolin Bowling, Toys R Us, Tyco RC cars, Tyco Slot Racers, WWF Figures, Powertrons, Tender Luvin Kisses, Playworld, Toy City, WORMS! Monster Maker II, Smurf crazy Shampoo, The Incredible Hulk Radio Control toy, Brush-a-Tune, Nerf, Quick n Thick Shake Machine, Duncan Yo-Yos, The Alligator Game, Zimm Zamm, Fisher Price Movie Viewer, The Magic Show, Lemon Twist, Tomy Toonyville Choo-Choo, Shrinky Dinks, Hook Line and Sinker, Micronaut Biotron, Slinky, Wonder Woman Dolls, Barbie, Jordache clothes, Rough Riders, Belt Racers, The Princess Play Collection Lip Gloss Lockets, Fisher Price Worktop Workbench

    Volume 16: More Toys!
    Super balloon, TV 5 Eyewitness News Game, Mattel Tuff Stuff Shoppin' Basket, Bargain Hunter, Dizzy Dolphins Disco Game, Baby Ann, Talking Garfield, Smurf, Harts Toys, Flowerville, Contraption, Holly Hobbie dolls, Gimme Five, Tobor, Weeble Sub, Lite Brite, Fisher Price Toys, Crazy Foam, Charliens Angels dolls, Glo-Bug, Pound Puppies, Bionic Woman dolls, Slime!, Operation, Big Wheel, My Little Pony, Hot Wheels, Chutes Away!, Fisher Price Marching Band & Change-A-Tune Carousel, The Up-Down Change-Around Roller Coaster, Lego, AFX Race Set, Strawberry Shortcake, Radio Flyer, Bonkers, Master Caster, Yo-Ball, Sew Perfect, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Boomzzle, Starsky and Hutch car, The Spiderman Fluff Flier, Superhero Powershield, Burnin Key Cars, Willi Walker, Jiggles, Remco's Electronic Sound FX Machine, Reggie Jackson's Jr Batting Trainer, Charlie's Angels Adventure Van, Barbie Star Traveler Motor Home, Command Drive Dirt Bike, Flying Aces Flight Deck, Two Guy's Toy Sale, Power Command Fat Wheels, Weird-doh, SST Smash Up Derby Junk jammers, SAC Sonic Ear, Child World, Fisher Price Space Probe, Etch-a-sketch Fun Screens, Bataway, Super Puff Basketball, Whamo Fluid Fantasy, Tweety & Sylvester Talking Bank, SSG Supersonic Glider, Princess Play Cosmetics, Astroblast Rocket Booster, Screechers Spiderman Race Track, Tyco Command Control Collision Crossing, Gorgeous Creatures Dolls, Grabbin Dragons, Strawberry Shortcake Garden House, Toys R Us grand opening, Fisher Price GAF Showbeam Projector, Puffy Fuzzy Shrinky Dinks, Dukes of Hazzard Finger Racers, Playworld, Magic Sand, See 'n Drive, Incredible Hulk Rage Cage, Playdoh Dr Drill and Fill, Beware the Spider!, JC Penny Toyland, Battlestar Galactica Cylon Bubble Machine, Slime Monster game, Cabbage Patch Kids, Playball, Rubiks Cube, ET Toys Collection, Monchhiehi dolls, ET Power Cycle, Socker Bopers & Silly Sword, Alvin the Aardvark, Donny and Marie Wireless Microphone, Hasbro at Toys R Us, Zany Zappers, Superstar Barbie, Crayola Crayons, Rrrraw Power, GAF Talking Viewmaster, Alf Dolls, The Chipmunks Dolls, Baby Blinkers, Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie Dream Bed, GAF Viewmaster Giftpack, Barbie Dream Cottage, Peaches and Cream Barbie, Barbie Workout Center, Best of Friends Sweepstakes, Bingo Bear, Bottle Time Baby

    Volume 17: Seasonal II
    Miracle on 34th Street special presentation, 7-Up, American Greetings, Arbor, Barbra Mandrell's Christmas, Bugs Bunny Thanksgiving Special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Candid Camera Special, A Garfield Christmas, The Christmas Star, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Crayola, Curtis Mathes, Canadian Drugs, M&M Candy, Julie Andrews the Sound of Christmas, Econo One camera, M&M Candy, McDonalds, Oreo Cookies, Parkway Mall, Perfection Egg Nog, Polaroid Camera, Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Radio Shack electronic games, McDonald House Watches, Sears, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sledge Hammer, The Three Kings, Timex, Toyota, The Night Before Christmas, Wendy's, Hess Christmas Truck, Dearfoams, Energizer (Jacko), Macys, McDonalds, Thanksgiving Comedy Weekend, New Year wishes, Dearfoams, M&Ms, Sprite, Christmas at Rockefeller Plaza, Casper's First Christmas, Crazy Eddie, Holiday Greetings from Channel 2, Woolworths, Mays, Remco Record Cleaner, Remco Potato Chipper, Macy's, Pepsi, Wendy's Hershey's Kisses, JC Pennys, Caesar's Bay, Michelob, Korvettes, Mays, Crazy Eddies, Alexander's, Hill's Toys, Two Guys, TSS Christmas Savings Sale, Skaggs, McDonalds, Genovese Christmas Store, Crazy Eddy, United Air Lines, Mr Microphone Jr, Fruity Pebbles, Happy Holidays from CBS, Union 76, Andre Champagne, Merry Christmas from Mattel, Little Debbie, Singer sewing machine, John Denver Christmas Special, Safeway, The Nativity, Ace Hardware, Mays, Underoos, Call Santa 900 Phone, Korvette's Toy Land, Burger King, Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, Coke (teach the world to sing), Mr Microphone, Sears stereo, Two Guys Toyland, Toys R Us, Hyundai, US Post Office, Arthur's, Burger King, City Bank, Galleria Mall, Gorgio, Harrows, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Solid Gold Christmas, Old Spice, Hill's Layaway, Leechmere, Learn not to burn,

    Volume 18: Toys, Bumpers and PSAs
    Cabbage Patch Kid's Brag Bag, Cabbage Patch talking kids, Cabbage Patch action ware, Carebear Cousins, Chipmunks plushies, Draw Rings, Barbie, ET Shoes, Star Wars Ewok plushies, great shape Barbie, Happi Returns, The Heart Family, Hugabunch Friends, Kit n Kaboodle, Lego, Getalong Gang, My Child Stroller, My Little Pony, Plushy Tail Forever friend, Popples, Pound Puppy, Rainbow Brite, Rub-A-Dub Doggie, Star Fairies, Strawberry Shortcake, Talking Mickey Mouse, Talking Mother Goose, Sea Wees Tropigals, Water Wiggle, Wet Bannana, Zips Shoes, My First Sony, Hugabunch TV Movie promo, CBS Promos, Snow White, Dennis The Menace promo, Disney Sunday Movie - featuring Star Tours, Dumbo promo, Dungeons & Dragons promo. ET promo, Ewoks bumper, Lady and the Tramp promo, Land of the Lost promo, Mt T bumper, Muppet Show Bumper, Pee Wee's Playhouse promo, Pound Puppies promo, Ghostbusters bumper, Punky Brewster bumpers, Rainbow Brite movie promo, Betty Boop promo, Rubik the amazing Cube trailer, Sleeping Beauty promo, Smurf Bumper, Sport Goofy trailer, Care Bears trailer, Saturday Supercade promo, Saturday Supercade bumpers, Teenage Gang promo, Teen Wolf trailer, Turbo Teen bumper, Voltron Promo, ABC's "Watch Out For The Munchies" bod squad, Ask NBC News, Sugar Crisp, Don’t Do Drugs, Later Day Saints, Stop Pollution (with Iron Eyes Cody - the Crying Indian), Doctor Henry's Emergency Lessons for People, In the News, Cocoa Pebbles, One to Grow On, Honey Comb, Honey Nut Cheerios, Eat your vegetables with Chopper the Chomper, Beans and Rice, Potatoes, Captain OG Readmore, ABC's "Yuckmouth" Bod Squad, Retarded People are people too, Schoolhouse Rock opening, Don’t Do Crack, Time for Timer

    Volume 19: Hey Vern!
    Far too many to list out here, but it's All Ernest, All the Time! This disc contains more Ernest P. Worrell (AKA Jim Varney, AKA the "KnowhutImean?" guy) commercials than you is allowed by law in most states.

    Volume 20: Prime Time
    Johnny Cat, Jordache, Jostens Class Ring, Judas Priest (now playing with Krokrus) - now playing!, Kodak color watch, Kodak film, Circuit City, Laser Beatles, Lee Jeans, Levi's Jeans, Federal Depository Library,. Made in the USA, Mastercard, Met Life (with peanuts), Mr Clean, New England Ford, New Jersey Lottery, The Mets vs the Astros, The New Yorker, Time Magazine, The Sporting News, Nike Shows, Northwest Airlines, OB Tampons, Action 7 News, Orvil Redenbacher popcorn, Tide, Thom McAn Shoes, Trader McKenzies, Trasminic Cold Tablets, V05 Hot Oil, Vanderbilt perfume, Walt Disney World, WindowWorld, WorryFree Carpets, Wrangler Jeans, Yellow Pages, American Express, Armstrong Floors, AT&T, Cinderella and Crest, Clorox 2 bleach, Colgate, Discover card, Downy Fabric Softener, Duracell batteries, Energizer (the first bunny), Froot of the Loom, Gatorade, The Halls of Medicne, Glad Hefty bags Huggies, Irish Spring soap, Isotoner Gloves, Kodak colorwatch, Lemon Fresh Clorox, Mastercard, Michigan Bell, Olympus cameras, Osh-Kosh b'gosh, Palmolive soap, ultra pampers, Panasonic, Paul Masson wines, Perma Soft, Personna razors, Pert Wash n' Go, Pierre Cardan, Plax, Polaroid cameras, Action Park Polka Festivle. Poligram Records, Right Guard, Sale of the Century, Sanyo, Sears, Secret roll on, Shawnee jeans, Sheer Energy, Shout, 6 Flags Theme Park, Snuggle Fabric Softener, Soft n' Dry, Soft Scrub, Crest toothpaste, Speed Stick, Sports Illustrated, Stetson Aftershave, Advil

    Volume 21: Food and Cars
    Chevy Corsica, Chrysler Laser, LeBaron GTS, Dodge Lancer, Ford Ranger Pickup, Ford, trucks, Camrod Motors, Macco, Meineke Mufflers, Mercedes-Benz, Midas, Mitsubishi Precis, Mr Goodwrench , Oldsmobile Supreme (with William Shatner), Delta 88 (with Dick Van Patton), Cutlass Sierra (with the Judds), Plymouth Duster, Plymouth Sundance, Pontiac, Pulse, Toyota, Yugo, Budweiser Sugar Ray, Croonchy Stars (with the Swedish Chef), Burger King, Cheerios, Chef Boyardee, Cool Whip, Diet Coke (with Pierce Brosnon), Doublemint gum, Fiber Trim, French's Mustard, Frusen Gladje, Hershey's Kisses, Honey Graham Oh's, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Kudos bar, Listermint, Louis Rich Turkey, McDonalds, Milky Way, Pizza Hut Flintstones glasses, Pringles, Quaker 100% Natural, Red Lobster, Scope, Stove Stuffing, Tropicana, Ace Hardware, Actifed, Aim toothpaste, Alberto Hair sculpture, Secret roll-on, Concentrated All, American Airlines, American Express, Anderson-Little suits, Aqua Care lotion, AT&T, Binaca Blast, Ringling Brothers Circus, Bloo toilet cleaner, British Knights shoes, Budweiser (with Gallagher) , Campfire, Caress soap, Century 21, Chia Pet, Clearasil, Clorox 2, Colgate Gel, Crest Gel (with Gremlin stickers), Crest, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Crazy Eddies, Delta Gold chips, Denorex shampoo, Duracell batteries, Energizer batteries, Era plus, Post Fruit and Fiber, Haynes underwear.

    Volume 22: Boy Toys (and some Xmas)
    Christmas Greetings, Santa picks Spirte, Front Row, Sports Illustrated Xmas Gifts, Air Jammers, Barynard Commandos, Donruss Baseball Cards, Big Jim camper, Careers, Class Act, Clutch Poppers, Connect Four, Crossbows and Catapults, Crossfire, Dick Tracy Figures, Dino Riders, Duncan Yo-Yos, Fast Eddie, Finger Racers, Freedom Force action figures, Viewmaster, GAF cameras, Ghostbuster Figures, GI Joe - Sergeant Slaughter, GI Joe Bridgelayer, GI Joe Mobile Command, GI Joe comics, Sky Riders plane, Super Gobots, Guess Who, She-Ra and He-Man figures, Hot Wheels, Speed Burners, Johnny Lightning Cheerios, Inhumanoids, Loony Tunes figures, Madballs, Mask figures, Canned Whizzers, MiniWhizzers, Operation, Hot Wheels Picture Makers, Pop Cycles, Power Punchers, Rambo Cycle, Rough Riders 4x4, RPM, Scotland Yard, Sectuars figures, Zoomit, Speedy Graffiti, Electronic Spiderman, Star Wars Presto Magic, Y-Wing Fighter, Starting Lineup figures, Sticky Fingers, SST Stun Cycle, Rrrrumbler Stunt Cycle set, Stunsters, Electronic Battleship, Thundercat figures, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tough Wheels, Halloween at Toys R Us, Transformers Scramble City (from Japan), Ultra-Magnus, Transformers slot race set, Transformers on VHS, Twister, Racin' Hoppers, Turbo Outlaws, Whamo, Whizz Kids, WWF figures, Zap-it, Zoom it, Milky the Milking Cow.

    Volume 23: Food
    Twix, 5th Avenue, Bazooka gum, Cadburys Mini Eggs, Care*free gun, Certs, Dentyne, Fiddle Faddle, Fruit Rollups, Fruit Wrinkles, Hersheyes, M&Ms, Mars Bar, Milky Way, Nutter Butter, Oh Henry, Ring Pops, Shark Bites, Starburst, Tootie Roll Pops (ask mr Owl), Tootsie Roll, Trident gum, Alpha Bits, Captain Crunch, Cheerios (with Peanuts), Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Coca Crispies, Coca Puffs, Monster Cereals, Crispix, Froot Loops, Fruity Pebbles, Golden Grahams, Honeycomb, Honey Nut Cheerios, Life Cerial (with Mikey), Lucky Charms, Raisin Bran, Rice Krispie Bars, Rocky Road Cereal, Strawberry Shortcake Cereal, Golden Crisp, Honey Smacks, Trix (with Bugs Bunny), Diet 7-up, California Cooler, Coke, The New Coke Apology, Coors light, Cherry Coke, Dr Pepper with Godzilla, Folgers coffee, Hawaiian punch, Hershey's Syrup, Kool aid, Miller Beer, Miller Lite, Mountain Dew, Old Style Beer, Pepsi, Pepsi Free, RC Cola, Slurpiee, Sprite, Sthroes Beer, Tab, Tang, Bounty Towels, Brown's Chicken, Bubble-eeze, Teddy Bear Pasta, Cheese, Cheeze Doodles, Shunshine Chippy Chews, Crisco, Dewey Stevens, Doritos, Duncan Hines deluxe, Fruit Corners Fruit Bars, Nature Valley Granola Clusters, Homepride bread, Hostess Pudding Pie, Hostess Snacks

    Volume 24: More Food (n Stuff)
    Jello, Jewel Grocers, Kool Pops, Caramel cones, Lays potato chips, Mrs Butterworth, Oreo cookies, Oscar Meyer, Plumpers Hot Dogs, Pop tarts, Popcicles, Pringles, Chef Boy-r-dee Ravioli, Reynolds Wrap, Ruffles potatoe chips, Ry Krisp, Saran Wrap, Snack Pack pudding, Thomas English muffins, Weight Watchers chicken nuggets, Fruit Wheats, Wonder Bread, Burger Chief, Burger King, Chuck-E-Cheese, Dunkin' Doughnuts, Farrells Ice Cream Parlor, Howard Johnson's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Showtime Pizza Place, Wendy's, Amoco Gas, Buick Dealers, Castrol GTX, Olds 88 Delta, Chrysler Lazer (with James Earl Jones), Ford Taurus, Ford Tempo, Ford Dealers, Honda Scooters (with Devo), Chrstler LeBaron (with Ricardo Montalbán), Chicago Mazda Dealers, Nissan Sport Coup, Dodge Colt, Trak Auto Parts, VW Fox, VW Jetta, The Yugo, Hot Swimware, Jordache jeans, Lee Press On Nails, Levis, Keds Muppet Shoes, Roos Shoes, Sears kids clothes, Sekio Sports Watch, Shoe-town, Underoos, Eat a Balanced Meal PSA, Get a Cat PSA, National Kidney Foundation, Knight Rider for Museum of Science and Industry, Learn not to Burn, OG Readmore, One to Grow On, Smokey Bear PSA, Time for Timer, Tin Man cares for his heart, Lincon Park Zoo, Make a Saturday PSA, Woodsy Owl PSA.

    Volume 25: Toilets and Bumpers
    Fat Albert Preemption message, Bold 3, Bully Toilet Cleaner, Caress Soap, Chanel, Charlie, Charmin, Corn Silk Makeup, Crest, Datril, Dexatrim, Easy Off, Estee Lauder, Et Vitamins, Fresh N Dry, Gleem Toothpaste, Head & Shoulders, Luvs, Mr Bubble, Pepto-Bismol, Crystal Light, Prell Shampoo, Rolaids, Safeguard, Sani-Flush, Scope Mouthwash, Sea & Ski, Secret, Shield, Slenderals, Snuggle, Speed Stick, Spic N Span, Suave Roll-on, Haynes, Sure, Top Job, Ultress, Visine, Pampers, Walgreens, White Rain, Wisk, Woolite, Zest soap, 7 Oclock Movie, ABC Friday Night Lineup, ABC Saturday Morning Lineup, Beans Baxter, Beverly Hills Teens, Brady Bunch, CBS Sunday Lineup, The Comic Strip, Conan and ET, Saturday Fox 32 Lineup, NBC Lineup, The Ghost Busters, The Gobots Movie, Gobots and Mark Twain movie, ABC's Halloween Lineup, A Very Special Happy Days, Inspector Gadget, Super Mario Brothers Supershow, Real Ghostbusters, Max Headroom, Mr Belvedere, Fox 11 After-school lineup, Announcing the Muppet Babies, Music Awards Preview Special, My Little Pony, NBC Sunday Night At the Movies, NBC News Digest, Hill Street Blues promo, Night Flight bumpers, Partridge Family, The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town, CBS Saturday Lineup, ABC Saturday Lineup, NBC Saturday Lineup, Small Wonder, Transformers, What A Country!, Wlak 94 FM, WPWR Channel 60, Chicago Cubs, Bad Touch PSA, Ride Your Bike Safely PSA, Bill Cosby Says Don’t Drugs, Boy Scouts, Boys Clubs, Kitchens are deadly, Don’t Do Coke, Don’t Pollute, Don’t Vandalize, Water Pollution, In The News

    Volume 26: Video Games and Technology
    Mario Brothers, Want to play Atari?, Activision puts you in the Game, Joust, Atari 5200, Atari Arcade Games, Atari Computers, Atari Realsports Football, Mrs Pac Man, Atari Computers vs Nintendo, Jack Palance's Atari (short version), the AT&T PC, Amiga 500, Apple IIC, Apple IIgs, Parker Brothers Bankshot, ABC presents Computer Critters, Lakeside's Computer Perfection, Playskoo Genie, Entex's Electonic Baseball Pinball, & Space Invader, Fabulous Fred, Fairchild Channel F, Framework Software, Hewlett Packard, IBM Personal Computer AT, Cullinet Software, Old People use IBM Computers, IBM Typwriters, Writing to Read software, Intellivsion - Who was that kid?, Invader from Space, Mattel Electronic Rebates, Milton Bradley Microvision, Taste the thrill of Atari at McDonalds, Coleco's Mrs Pac Man, Captain Skyhawk, Donkey Kong Cereal, Donkey Kong Jr Cereal, Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Pocket Pinball, Nintendo Spitball Sparky, Game and Watch games, Odyssey2, KC Munchkin, Etch-A-Sketch Animator 2000, One to Grow On: Don’t Play Hooky, Pac Man Cereal, Arby's Pac Man Glasses, Frogger Playdoh Fun Factory, Q*Bert Cartridges, Q*Bert Board Game, Q*Bert books, Nestle Quik, Radio Shack TV Games, Sega Mastersystem, Coleco's Talking Teacher, Talking Wiz Kids, Tandy 1200, ET at Toys R Us, NES at Toy R Us, Hills has Colecovision, Texas Instruments home computer, Pringles at Computer Class, Odyssey Command Center, Odyssey2 Keyboard, Pickaxe Pete, Quest for the Rings, Odyssey2's Voice Module, Odyssey2's Pound of Gold contest, Coleco Adam, Atari Jaguar, Atari Lynx, Xerox Typewriters, Zenith smart sets, Zenith Hot Shot Camcorder, Sylvania Supersets, TDK Cassettes, Minolta Cameras, Kodak cameras, Fretter's Moonlight Madness, Imaginings, Picturemaker, Shrinkiedink Collector Sets, LaserBeam Wristwatch,
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