Hey guys!

I used to have an account here a few years back.....totally forgot what my screen name and password were hah!

Anyways for the past year I have started up a weekly radio show dedicated to Hard Rock, and Melodic Metal. Thats anything in between the old school hair metal from the 80s to todays power/prog metal.

Coming later this year I'll be doing a 2nd show a week called HAIRING AID. This will be dedicated to strictly the 80s hard rock style bands. From the sleaze, to the glam bands, to the hard rock bands! Both known, and unknown (and believe me there are some amazing unknown bands like Lancia, St Warren, Pyn Siren, Picasso Trigger, Skitzotik, etc etc).

Right now my regular show is on Wednesdays, and I have a 100% song request fill rate. Over 1TB (yep thats TB not GB) of material, and 1,000's of CD's! Feel free to check it out if you can!