Sing Blue Sliver Celebration 08!!!

Go to the website for the updates...
We are so excited about this special night with Duran fans from
all over. We can't wait to see you all.

Come celebrate Sing Blue Silver with us in NYC 08" !!!
@@Thanks for all the new adds...welcome to the SBS page..Hope you all can make it in January to party, freeze your butt off, see Chekhov’s Wig dance with the Dj's ..oh and celebrate some Duran Duran movie called Sing Blue Silver with a screening...Come one come all and go to the website for details and tickets......@@

Many of our International friends have booked their passage and are coming to NYC! The Netherlands, the UK, and that distant land of Canada are all being represented. We are so excited and completely humbled that people are willing to go that extra 5000 miles to come and hang out on Saturday Night in January with us. Thank you!!!!

We can't wait to see you!!!!

The NYC SBS Crew