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Rep is easily seen via Admin CP. In fact, you can even give specified user groups the ability to see rep and who gave it. That being said, I don't even bother looking at that - and it's an option in the control panel. Private Messages are another story altogether. There may be a hack or addon that allows the ability to read private messages. I don't know and have never researched the possibility. I bearly have enough time to participate here. And I really don't care what people talk about behind closed doors...
Nobody worth a damn would, for sure. It's only the kind of thing you do if you were to suspect someone of doing something blatantly illegal. Other than that, you have a LIFE, you don't give a rat's ass about casual conversation.

I just think it's healthy for people to know, yes, an admin can see this stuff. If you aren't doing anything stupid, then you have nothing to worry about The only time I ever saw an admin (not at a board, but where I was working) look into "private" stuff (and if it's at work, and you are doing this on work computers, it ain't PRIVATE) was when the dude was doing something really, really dumb. People like that deserve what is coming to them anyway.