Hittman is a band that many just plain missed or was swept under the rug do to too many queensryce wannabes. If there is a similar queensryce sound it would be compared to the “lady wore black” song, but hey this is a good thing. At times the band may even sound a little like keel, although it never lets its self get too commercial. Hittman keeps one foot in solid rock n roll metal and another in the speed metal realm with plenty guitar swirling solos and double bass drum thunder. Hittman is a very well produced album for its time and includes a cool cover “secret agent man” theme from the 60’s TV series. This album is a must have for those who collect 80’s metal and will be a gem in any collection.

HITTAMN (1985)

Metal Sport
Dead on Arrival
Will You Be There
Backstreet rebels
Caught In The Crossfire
Secret Agent Man
Behind The Lines
The Test of Time