It was a beautiful spring day in Dallas TX when I made my way to the International
Guitar Show at Market Hall in Dallas TX.

Many stars appeared at this event, George Lynch of Dokken and Lynch Mob Fame, Dallas
Native and former Danger Danger guitarist Andy Timmons, Eliot Easton from The Cars just
to name a few.

None drew the kind of attention that Yngwie Malmsteen did that Saturday.

I made my way to the Fender stage and to my amazement the crowd was packed with teenagers

and kids alike! I am very happy to see a new generation of kids getting into musicians
that can actually play their instruments!

Yngwie played for about 40 mins and went into instrumental versions of his songs.

Their was an autograph session after the event but the lines were very long and many were

turned away.

Here is a video clip I took of the event that I posted on YouTube

Also Yngwie Malmsteen is on the cover of GuitarWorld magazine July 2008 issue