This is probably the best AC/DC since Razors Edge, maybe even before that. This has a very old school sound with a fresh twist. Hold on cause it is very diverse for AC/DC.

If you like AC/DC then you should not be disappointed with this effort. It is musically a very solid and rocking album. Very bluesy sounding with one of the songs even using the slide guitar.

Angus's guitar work on the solos is very good.

Brian handled the lyrics this time around and did a good job. This is the best he has sounded in a while. The lyrics are more serious in tone this time too...not like that stupid lighthearted crap on Stiff Upper Lip or Ballbreaker.

There are 15 songs and they all jam. There is one I wish they had left off the album though. It just doesn't fit as it sounds a lot like a cross between Cinderella and Bon Jovi or something. It's the 4th track called “Anything Goes.”

Anyway that is my review in a nutshell, any body else hear it yet...Thoughts?