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Lots of survival books

80s Forum: Lots of survival books
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    A very nice collection!!

    Everyone should read them over

    Aikido - The Art Of Fighting Without
    Anti terrorism survival bible 2
    ashley book of knots
    Backpacking Safety Tips
    Basic Cold Weather Survival Manual FM 31-70
    Boat Projects - Build your own boat
    Boat Projects - Canoe
    Boat Projects - Catamaran Sail Boat Plans
    Boat Projects - Construction of Two Portugese Style Dinghies (Small Boats)
    Build Your Own Classic Crossbow
    Crossbows - Hoffman
    Ditch Medicine Advanced Field Procedures for Emergencies
    Farm Blacksmithing - J Drew (1901)
    fema - wood gas generator
    Fundamentals of Electrochemistry, 2nd ed - V Bagotsky
    Guidelines for Essential Trauma Care (WHO, 2004)
    GURPS - Martial Arts
    Hiding In Plain Sight Steganography And The Art Of Covert Communication - E Cole

    How this book can make you Invisible
    How to be a Hermit - Will Cuppy
    How to be Invisible
    knives 2
    Knots and Splices - Handbook - Charles Gibson
    Low Voltage Wiring [security, fire alarm systems], 3rd ed
    Medical Survival - Wound Closure Manual
    NORTHERN Wilderness Cookbook I 2004
    outdoor survival
    Poor Mans Metal Locator 2006
    Portable Pedal Power
    Practical Straw Bale Building - M Hollis
    Pressure Points - Military Hand to Hand Combat Guide
    Secret Guide To Making Ninja Weapons Part1
    Secret Guide To Making Ninja Weapons Part2
    Secret Guide To Making Ninja Weapons part3
    Secrets of Jujitsu
    Secrets of the Ninja - Kim, Ashida
    Small Wind Energy Systems for the Homeowner
    Survival - First Aid for Soldiers
    The Complete Outdoorsman's Handbook
    Toxicologist's Pocket Handbook
    Troubled Times - Assembly
    US Army - How to Kill Tanks
    US Army - Survival Shelters
    US Army course - Aviation Survival I - Survival Elements, Psychological Aspects, & Survival Medicine
    US Army course - Aviation Survival II - Protection from the Environment
    US Army course - Aviation Survival III - Sustenance
    US Army course - Camouflage Concealment and Decoys
    US Army course - Combat Survival
    US Army course - Prevention and Management of Cold-Weather Injuries (2005) WW
    US Army DA PAM 40-11 - Preventive Medicine
    US ARMY FM 3-06 - Urban Operations
    US ARMY FM 3-25.150 - Combatives (hand-to-hand combat)
    US ARMY FM 5-10 - Camouflage
    US ARMY FM 5-103 - Survivability
    US ARMY FM 21-11 - First Aid for Soldiers
    US ARMY FM 21-76 - Survival, Evasion & Escape
    US ARMY FM 21-76 ch15 - Cold Weather Survival
    US ARMY FM 21-76 ch 04 - Basic Survival Medicine
    US ARMY FM 21-150 - Hand To Hand Combat
    US ARMY FM 31-21 - Guerrilla Warfare & Special Forces Ops
    US ARMY FM 31-70 - Basic Cold Weather Survival Manual
    US ARMY FM 31-72 - Mountain Operations
    US Army GTA 05-02-013 - Orienteering - How to avoid getting lost
    US Army GTA 08-05-047 - Poisonous Snakebite Treatment
    US Army GTA 08-05-048 - Venomous Arthropods
    US Army GTA 08-05-055 - Injurious Plants
    US Army GTA 08-05-062 - Guide to Staying Healthy
    US Army GTA 08-11-011 - Artificial Respiration and Basic Cardiac Life Support
    US Army medical course - Wound Care MD0576
    US Army Ranger Handbook
    US Marine Corps MCRP 3-02B - Martial Arts
    US Marine Corps MCRP 3-02C - Marine Combat Water Survival
    US Marine Corps MCRP 3-02F - Survival
    US Marine Corps MCRP 3-02H - Survival, Evasion, and Recovery
    US Marine Corps MCWP 3-11.3 - Scouting and Patrolling
    US Marine Corps MWTC - Cold Weather Medicine Course
    US Marine Corps MWTC - Summer Survival Course Handbook
    US Marine Corps MWTC - Wilderness Medicine Course
    US Marine Corps MWTC - Winter Survival Course Handbook
    US Navy course - Aerographer's Mate Module 1 - Surface Weather Observations
    US Navy course - Lookout Training Handbook
    US Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide
    Wind Energy Handbook - T Burton

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dude111 View Post
    http://www.megaupload.com?d=LVP3O18U A very nice collection!! Everyone should read them over
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