I have the folling 80's shows on dvd:
Cammander USA Groovie Movies 25-dvd set some has Original commercials.
Space Stars 1981 cartoon.Full hour shows.11-one hours shows complete with all the commercials from NBC 1981 from studio masters.6-dvd set,9+ in quality great sound,comes with 3-bonus dvds:
Bonus#1:ABC Weekend Special:"Miss Switch To The Rescue Pt.1&2 1981 with commercials.
Bonus 2&3:Thundarr The Barbarian&Blackstar 1981 with original commercials.
9-dvds total=$35.95
USA Cartoon Express 1986-1994:Captain Caveman,Dynomutt,Button&Rusty,The Flintstones,The Flintstones Comedy Show,He-Man&She-Ra Christmas Special,Hong Kong Phooey,Huckleberry Hound Show,In A Minute,Jabberjaw,Jonny Quest 1987 episodes,Laff-A-Limpics,Lost In Space,Mister Magoo&Friends,MR.T,New Fred&Barney Show,New Space Ghost&Herculoids,Paw Paw Bears,Santa&The Three Bears,The Jetson,Scooby Doo Where Are you?,Scooby-Doo Show,Scooby-Doo&Scarappy Doo Show,Shirt Tales,Smurffs Adventures,Space Stars,Tom&Jerry Christmas Special 1987,Turbo Teen,&many,many more.24-dvd with all the commercials,8+ in quality,great sound.=$35.95+shipping.
Plus lots more 80's cartoons,specials&More.Email for info.