Hi peeps, I would like to invite you to join Classic Disco Mix group at Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/ClassicDiscoMix

Our group consists many of oldschool classic disco DJs, either pro or non-pro, those whom called "bed room DJ", from across the world, playing sub-genres: reggae, italo disco, r&b, hip hop, eurodance, electro dance, house, n classic rock.

We would like to share our mixes and remixes freely, we also eager to listen to your mixes and remixes, if you're a DJ or a music producer.

There will be a live broadcast performing mix daily, from Thursday to Monday's night (GMT+7), rotating from each of us. At that time, you can request your favorite songs. Please follow our group wall post for any broadcast schedule.

Any listeners or DJs will be welcomed to join our group

Classic disco/dance songs never die!