I made a thread some time back about One Hit Wonders: Bottom Feeders edition. I am looking for these songs that would make my collection complete. If anyone here has these songs, I have some One-Hit Wonder mixes by year that I would like to share. I don't know if we are allowed to post download links (unless e.g. hxxp://www...replace xx with tt).

Anyway, anybody here have:

Robbin Thompson Band - Bright Eyes
Jim Hurt - I Love Women
Ray Kennedy - Just For The Moment
Dann Rogers - Looks Like Love Again
Burt Reynolds - Let's Do Something Cheap & Superficial
Eric Troyer - Mirage
Wayne Massey - One Life To Live
Jay Black - Part Of Me That Needs You Most
Doolittle Band - Who Were You Thinking Of
Gary Burbank - Who Shot J.R.
Jim Kirk & The TM Singers - Voice Of Freedom
Lani Hall - Where's Your Angel
Steve Carlisle - WKRP In Cincinnati
Cantina Band - Summer 81 Medley
Charles Fox - Seasons
Silverado - Ready For Love
Shot In The Dark - Playing With Lightning
Streek - One More Night
Jackie English - Once A Night
Dillman Band - Lovin The Night Away
Larry John McNally - Fly Away
J.D. Drews - Don't Want No-Body
Boys Band - Don't Stop Me Baby
Larry Lee - Don't Talk
Frank Barber Orchestra - Hooked On Big Bands
Joe Fagin - Younger Days
Gerald McMahon - Count On Me
Double Image - Night Pulse
Streets - If Love Should Go
Big Ric - Take It Away
Randy Bell - Don't Do Me
Pendulum - Gypsy Spirit
Ralph McDonald & Bill Withers - In The Name Of Love
Nick Jameson - Weatherman
John Eddie - Jungle Boy
Millions Like Us - Guaranteed For Life
Big Trouble - Crazy World
Simon F. - American Dream
Jimmy Davis & Junction - Kick The Wall
Rob Jungklas - Make Them Mean Something