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Proposing marriage, with help from Duran Duran (video included)

80s Forum: Proposing marriage, with help from Duran Duran (video included)
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    Proposing marriage, with help from Duran Duran (video included)

    I wanted to share a recent experience that unfolded against the backdrop of Duran Duran's September 23rd concert in Everett, Washington. I apologize for the longevity, but each detail seemed essential, forever etched into my memory. Spoiler alert: If you may not have time (or patience) to read right away, there is a convenient video link at the bottom.
    Last Friday night, Duran Duran kicked off their North American tour right here in the Northwest, at the Everett Comcast Arena. It was a milestone made even more significant due to Simon Le Bon’s recovery from a frightening vocal cord injury, an ordeal that had forced the band to cancel its entire European summer tour. With only a few small rehearsal shows behind them, Duran’s first full concert took place -- and Simon never sounded better. It was a spectacular show and a great triumph over adversity for the band.
    Being thoroughly familiar with my unique blend of passion and over-the-top Duran devotion, the DJs at a local radio station, STAR 101.5, decided to send me (and Christine) to meet our heroes in Everett; this offered the perfect opportunity for me to deliver a special package to the band, a project I've been working on for some time. However, a second part of the plan quickly took shape at the gentle encouragement of STAR’s promotions director, SuperJen. She became my only confidante in a sea of secrecy as my agenda slowly evolved; I had always harbored a vision of proposing to Christine with Duran Duran’s help and a decade had passed without the perfect scenario presenting itself. Sometimes everything falls into place and it was suddenly impossible to ignore the signs as Duran's concert drew near. There is simply no substitute for living in the present, as the band’s new album title aptly suggests: All You Need Is Now.
    The evening of September 23rd was an emotional rollercoaster, with no downhill slopes. Christine and I arrived early in Everett, spending much of the afternoon walking around town while fighting off anxious butterflies and perspiration from the heat. I did manage to acquire a promotional poster I spotted in a building’s window -- my good fortune with the poster could have been a sign of things to come...
    When the venue’s doors opened, we dutifully filed in and waited in the designated spot to be taken down to the Meet ‘n’ Greet prior to showtime. Snug in its box nestled inside my front pocket, the ring was a constant reminder of how each passing minute carried me closer to a life-changing decision. This knowledge, coupled with the prospect of standing before Duran again, was almost too much for my nervous system. A couple sedatives might have been welcome by then. Just after 8:15, our small group was escorted down into the arena’s lower levels. We were all lined up, eagerly awaiting the band’s arrival. Christine and I were positioned last in the order. At one point, Duran’s security man motioned for me to accompany him away from the group, allowing me to give him the ring which would then be given to the band. The idea was for Simon Le Bon to present the ring to me at the right time, then I would address Christine. There was no turning back now! Okay, yes, I had actually crossed the point of no return a while ago when I had excused myself to visit the restroom, calling Christine’s parents to ask permission to marry their daughter. Indeed, it was probably a done deal at that point.
    Always preferring to stay in the background, Christine kept busy with operating her i-phone video as the band slowly appeared around the corner. John, Nick, Roger, and Simon slowly worked their way down the line, igniting ear-to-ear smiles on the fans’ faces and taking time to converse with everyone. Roger was the first to approach me and I held my project out for him to look over while Christine kept the video running. John cast a glance in my direction and exclaimed "Andy!" I shot back an enthusiastic "John!" and soon had him and Roger jostling for position around my gift. I was tremendously grateful Christine was catching it all, but I wanted her to be in the moment with me. She was quite content to be safely behind the camera, but that wouldn’t last for much longer. Nick eventually joined the Duran huddle and I can barely recall my conversation, my mind was struggling to absorb it all. Suddenly I was acutely aware of Simon’s towering presence in front of me. He made an odd face and started reaching toward his back pocket. The words he chose to set the next part of the plan in motion were wonderfully typical Simon Le Bon: "Waitaminnit... I - I think I have something in my arse!" He produces the ring box from his pocket and offers it to me. I can’t remember what my response was, but I’m positive it wasn’t nearly as clever or articulate as I would have preferred.
    I turned to Christine who had definitely stopped filming by now. In a startling moment of panic I momentarily forgot my lines, but quickly recovered to tell her: "My heart has led me to three of the best decisions of my life. The first was to love this band. The second was to love you. The third... is this moment." At that, I lowered myself to one knee and offered up the ring with the query, "Will you marry me?" Upon close analysis of the video afterwards, I learned that Simon had then chimed in, "Tell him you'll think about it!" Thanks, Simon. Love you. Fortunately, as Nick pointed out later, she said yes! What followed could have been a major misstep; after placing the ring on Christine’s finger, my first instinct was to start turning to hug the band! But I caught myself, either by my own wits or because Christine took the initiative -- and I kissed my fiancée. And then it was time to hug the members of Duran Duran amid a joyful group of fellow fans and band associates.
    I am tremendously grateful for all the carefully coordinated efforts to make this happen. Duran’s management, the record label S-Curve, and STAR 101.5 all played pivotal roles in giving me a memory to last a thousand lifetimes. As if that wasn’t enough, Simon paused between songs during the show and quietly announced to the crowd, "Durandy proposed. And she said yes." He then dedicated Come Undone to us. Every cell in our bodies felt that moment and rejoiced. The next night, I learned that Simon referred to our big moment once again at the Portland show. Crazy cool.
    What a night. What a show. What a band. The video from the evening’s events are a pleasant reminder of the magic that transpired, and of all the things I wish I could have done smoother! But the reality is that I wouldn’t change a thing. Here’s to taking leaps, true love for "new romantics", and an amazing band whose light continues to shine brighter than ever.
    The video on YouTube:

    On a related note, I thought I would share links to two recent radio appearances I had the pleasure of doing on a local station. The host, Dori Monson, invited me to come on his show last week and discuss Duran in light of the Everett concert. Then last Monday, I was invited back to recap the show. It was great radio fun and I tried my best to be articulate while my passion ran high!

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    Re: Proposing marriage, with help from Duran Duran (video included)

    awesome story I saw them a couple weeks ago and they were great their latest album is their best work in years
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    Re: Proposing marriage, with help from Duran Duran (video included)

    Super cool!

    you're dispicable!
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