Hi guys !

Interesting one here that has me stumped... my cousin emailed me today, and is trying to figure out the name of a song, artist or anything possible.

Here is the info he supplied me... if you can help, it's mighty appreciated !

Info on the song and artist, and video:

Dance or trance Music Video, maybe 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 don't remember exactly.

In it a hot female singer --> is like the teacher in a school and she's the singer of this song. She's hot (school uniform), and the class is googly eyed. Outside, in the schoolyard, they breakdance and there's this one guy, white, lanky and tall doing this real good robot and side slide.

I cannot remember the title nor the dj (artist). It's not that old and it played often on BPM TV in one of the above years.

-end of the info I received -

Thank you guys !