Hello! First post here
I've had this cassette from ages ago that belonged to my uncle. It's got a bunch of wham songs, maniac, and self control on it. There's a song that's been written on the cassette paper as "Rose Bud". I'm not sure if thats the name of the band, the song, or what else.
The song is pretty choppy but I think i've figured some of its lyrics out:
Starts off with the announcer:
" The moment you have all be waiting for, The final moment ... success... twice"
" I've been checking on the numbers on the radio"
" I guess you think im some kinda broken ... "
" Now I know I've got nowhere to run, I got the right to know why wont you let me go"
"danger and a killer"
Theres some laughing in there too
If you could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Also the song is upbeat like the wham songs.