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How Videos were shot or presented in the 80s & 90s ?

80s Forum: How Videos were shot or presented in the 80s & 90s ?
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    How Videos were shot or presented in the 80s & 90s ?

    Hey guys , i grew up in the 80s and 90s and have kinda seen it all , like how things were back then.
    But i wanna know what are your views , like how a Film or MusicVideo was presented back then ?
    When i say "presented" i mean to say lighting works , shots taken by the cameramen from certain angles that made the 80s and 90s videos unique and totally different from that of 2000s.

    For example i have noticed in the videos of "late 80s - early 90s" there were many scenes where a big exhaust or wall fan used to rotate in a slow speed and the locations were mostly factory or warehouses and sunlight used to sneak inside through that fan. That style was quite popular back then. Do you agree ?

    Also in the "late 80s - early 90s" many scenes were shot in a manner , where the light used to fall right on the actors and the rest of the background were displayed in less light.
    Im not talkin bout' spotlight though . I mean , those types of scenes were mostly seen in the porno vids of that time , like a living room scene or a pool table scene where the light was strong on the actors and the background was dim. Have you noticed that.
    Best example would be the music video - Stay the Night by Benjamin Orr.
    or the scene of Sharone Stone crossing her legs in basic instinct

    Also the "late 80s-early 90s" videos (especially porno vids) were quite colorful & of high contrast in picture quality. lol


    and then in the "mid 90s - late 90s" many videos were made in slow motion and were presented in sepia or bluish / violetish color tones .
    For example music videos like
    Hazard - Richard Marx (black & white / slow motion)
    Chains around my heart - Richard Marx (sepia tone / slow motion),
    Truely Madly Deeply - Savage Garden (yellowish tone)
    You're still the one - Shania Twain (bluish tone / slow motion)
    Shape of my heart - Backstreet Boys (bluish tone / slow motion)

    Also they used to display the Title of a movie or tv show in big bold multi color letters during the 80s and 90s , like the Title of film "Back to the Future" . I mean we don't get to see such styled texts in todays movies or shows .

    Do you agree all of the above . Please do share your thoughts and let me know how do you perceive those days

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    Re: How Videos were shot or presented in the 80s & 90s ?

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