Hi everyone. My name is Ryan Smith and I love the 1980's. I've been hunting and gathering anything from the 1980's for what seems like my whole life because it's a part of me and the 1980's was such a magical time. I think it is more than just a time period, it is a place and to me that place still exists and is still very much alive. I feel a little ashamed that I have not joined this forum sooner but as they say better late than never and now I am here. I will read the boards and share the knowledge and things I've accumulated over the years. All of you have so much knowledge to share regarding the 1980's and perhaps you can help me bring this project and the 1980's to the entire world. I am an illustrator/technical drafter/comic book artist who is in love with the 1980's and has been compelled with what I believe to be a great idea and starting point. I've personally dubbed it "the ultimate 1980's comic book". It will be a mini-series that eventually I would like to turn into a monthly comic titled Codename: Iron Cobra. The mini-series is titled Codename: Iron Cobra vs. the PCP Army. With this comic I want to try and capture the zeitgeist of the 1980's, not just gimmick and kitsch.
Synopsis - In the 1980's an ex-Delta Force operator battles a KGB backed hoard of drug fiends hell-bent on destroying America.
Tom Hunter is a Delta Force Operator recruited by a clandestine organization within the C.I.A. in the 1980's. He was given a license to kill and tasked to wage a one man war against drugs. This clandestine organization gave him a codename: Iron Cobra.
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Thanks so much you guys!
- Ryan