Join DJ Retroactive this Monday and every Monday for Manic Mondays on This is not your average 80's music rerun. You will hear music from bands you probably never heard of, you will learn about them, get to know then and perhaps even like them. The music played here comes from college radio, underground radio and the streets where you live (ok, some will be from the typical pop bands that we all know and love).
You will be surprised to find out where some of the musicians came from or ended up. From recording and touring with Frank Zappa to sporting pink hair and see through tops, from being just a humble keyboard player in a pop band to singing in one of the greatest progressive bands today. You never know what you will learn on Manic Mondays and you just may find that you like more 80's music than you thought you did. So get your tape recorder out, find a blank and get ready to make that mix tape you always wanted. Don't forget to bring the Bonkers candy to the party......
Coming up this week, Monday March 30th at 5 PM EST:
Marshall Crenshaw, Adrenalin, Duke Jupiter, The Ultraviolet, The Ravyns, 37 Targets, A Drop In The Gray, The Weather Prophets, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, The Stars That Wouldn't Shine, Watermelon Men, Unlimited Systems, Zinc Orbie, They Must Be Russians, The Mockers, Other Ones, Modern Eon, Yip Yip Coyote, X-Teens, Trek With Quintronic, Afraid of Mice, Europeans, How We Live, Kim Wilde, Cyndi Lauper, Edie Brickell, 'Til Tuesday, Toni Basil, Missing Persons, DEVO, Culture Club, XTC, The Police, Wang Chung, Talk Talk, Elvis Costello, The Smiths