a few years ago (2007-2009) i watched with my family a cable show counting down the best 1980's songs. the show declared that #1 was, "i melt with you" by modern english. they also showed the lead singer who was at the time of filming to be working at a boutique selling clothes. it might have even been women's clothes. fast forward to recently i thought about it and wanted to revisit that show, but can't find it. i googled vh1 and mtv, but still no luck. vh1 seems to have ranked this song as #7 for one hit wonders and #39 for best 80's song. i found the vh1's version of one hit wonders of the 80's (on youtube in spanish), but it does not seem to be the same show as i saw. i asked the other family members and they remember it being #1 and the boutique seen. now i am driven to confirm my memory.

has anyone seen this show i speak of?

also, has vh1 done more than one of these shows? maybe it was ranked #1 and then they changed it in another version of it......

i appreciate the help.