Sorry I haven't posted in some time, but I am back to let you know I have two radio shows on Radionomy!

Island of lost Tunes - it features not only our fave decade the 80's (lotsa songs) but the 70s as well. It was originally at Live365 until the site got shut down at the end of January. Well, Island Of Lost Tunes is now at its new home at Radionomy. Playing the music that deserved a better chart fate, songs that Bubbled Under (Billboard) and Looked Ahead (Cashbox), songs you haven't heard in eons, and songs you need to hear again!

My other radio show on Radionomy....Radio Free Otaku! For all things anime! The openings, endings, inserts, even live and acoustic versions as well as remixes! Anime shows from the 60's, 70's, yes the 80's, 90's, and now!