Hello everyone, Iím new to the forum, and a big fan of the 80ís since I grew up in that decade.

I have a question about two 80ís (I think theyíre from the 80ís) music videos. These two videos scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. I canít remember the names of the bands, or songs. All I can remember is the images in the videos. Iíve been trying to find them with no luck. Iím hoping someone here can help.

The first video had a science fiction theme to it. If I remember correctly it was a bunch of people enslaved, and working in some kind of mine. With some freaky looking lizard like alien in a chair high up over them over seeing the work. Then the humans break free, and there is a big battle.

The next one freaked me out even more. All I remember in the video was a fetus floating in space. The camera pans in close to it, and itís eyes are all black. The fetus looks towards the camera. Then instantly it turns to a full grown mans head, and screams at the camera. With the eyes still all black.

I hope someone here can help me out.