I'm trying to remember this movie I saw back in the early - mid eighties. It was about a guy in Britain (I think it was Britain) going from one adventure to the next. He was quite the opportunist. He hooked up with a band, and travelled with them in their van to the city. He found out one of the groupies was a girl who's parents were rich. So he went to her rich dad and tried to make some deal with him. Dan sent the guy to some other country, and it turns out dad actually had set him up, and he was arrested or something.

In another part of the movie, the guy is in some sort of asylum, and people are chasing him. He runs into a room, and there's somebody lying on a bed and making weird noises. The guy pulls the blanket off the patient, and it turns out his head is attached to the body of a goat!

In the end, he's running down some road and there are a lot of explosions. I haven't seen this film since the '80s, so my recollection is probably wrong. I thought the name of it was "Oh Happy Man", but I can't seem to find it at the Internet Movie Database.

Anybody else remember this weird little cult film? Or was I just dreaming?